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Never Too Old To Fantasize


photo credit: mountain_man_ny_2
I am running away from home to be with my lover  ( ok, ok - so he doesn't know it yet) from the 80's. Surely he waits for me by his tour bus or plane at Logan.

You see, last night in Boston,  I saw one of my favorite 80’s bands in concert. I liken this experience to being sucked backwards into a time warp when suddenly you're 7 years old again a half hour into Thanksgiving dinner with the family...only better.

Anyway, I was minding my own business when suddenly I was transported back to some of the BEST times of my life when my biggest problems were what to wear to the office or how I was going to make it until my next paycheck (in those days, endless  happy hours and free h’orderves made this quite easy.)
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Seasonal Bucket Lists

I peeked down my Summer-Of-2010 bucket to see what remained from the list. I say this because with all the fall advertisements, store windows and back to school frenzy, I must accept that summer will one day come to a screeching halt. Since I’m in New England, the very next moment will bring a white out and temps that have a “windchill factor” attached to them. So what’s left in my bucket…

Attend my first clam bake on the beach
Go to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vinyard
Have a summer love
Wear a bikini

And so I didn't do all of the things I wanted to do but the things I did tick off the list made me quite happy...
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Thanking You Makes Me Better

If life is all about relationships, then how I treat the people I am in relationships with defines a huge part of  my well being.

One of the very best feelings I get is when I can say Thank You to someone. Even if I don’t share a deep relationship with the person and it’s just a polite “Thank You,” I know I’ve done good! I need the person to know that I value what they have done for me. My heart always feels lighter and happier when I can express myself in this way.

Saying thank you to anyone who is “checking me out” (I wish I didn’t have to differentiate for you but I'm referring to when I pay for a good or service) is simply a given. Having been raised in the south, it’s ingrained in me. If I didn’t say thank you, I would get the look – you know the one, the look from your mom or dad or teacher that said you had better ________ (fill in the blank!) right now or else...!
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Call To Order

I can’t find my socks. As a matter of fact, I can’t find my keys or my way home half the time.
I have spent a great deal of life’s precious moments (you know the ones. They’re stamped on magnets and greeting cards and they “take our breath away?”) exasperatingly looking for things. I’ve wasted perhaps even more of the precious little moments trying to solve problems that were born out of my failure to organize and plan.
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