Are You In a Sustainable Marriage?

By Chato B. Stewart • 2 min read
Message: Strange, but Larry always got an adrenaline rush & felt alive when arguing with his wife Lois.
Caption: Are you In a Sustainable Marriage

The unique wedding proposal that changed my life!

February 10, 2015 is 24 years since I asked Joan Winifred to marry me.  When she said yes, it was a good day, a very good day!  I got the whole thing on video long before every one had a way to record every second of every day in High Definition Video.

Back then, the camera was the size of a suitcase, and my friend (we’ll call him Larry for privacy) wanted me, Chato Stewart to record myself pretending to propose to my girlfriend Joan. Then Joan would reject my proposal, thereby devastating me on video.  His goal was to make me look like a fool in order to send it into America’s Most Funniest Video and try to win some money.  I had other plans, I wanted

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Fear and HIV-AIDS: Did A Flase Cure Put Giraffes at Extinction Levels?

By Chato B. Stewart • 3 min read
Sign:“It’s a silent extinction.” 
Caption: Giraffe Conservation NEEDED NO WAY, Why? look they’re thriving! 

Giraffes Part 1|Giraffes Part 2|Giraffes Part 3

Is Killing Giraffes Till They Are Extinct To Cure Aids REALLY WHAT IS HAPPENING?

AIDS has been around for long time. First human HIV identified was in 1959 in the Congo. In the 70’s, it reached the states, San Francisco, and the 80’s spread world-wide. HIV-AIDS has killed more than 25 million people. 40 million people world-wide are believed to be infected with the virus.

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Find Happiness: The Joy Of Giraffes

By Chato B. Stewart • 3 min read

Giraffes Part 1|Giraffes Part 2|Giraffes Part 3

UPDATE: Published 2/6

Data due to be published in early in 2015 shows Africa’s giraffes are on a slow march toward extinction due to the pressures of poaching and habitat loss. Illegal hunting and human population growth have reduced the overall African giraffe population by roughly 40% over the past 15 years. Unlike the plight of some of Africa’s other iconic wildlife, like the mountain gorilla and the rhino, the giraffe’s decline has happened largely off conservationists’ radar. It’s a silent extinction – in some countries, only a few hundred giraffes remain – so there is an urgent need to act now before it is too late. There are numerous ways for people living outside of Africa to get involved in giraffe conservation efforts

14102 Mental Health Humor by Chato Stewart It's a silent extinction Giraffes

The Joy Of Giraffes

A Giraffe, have you ever seen one face-to-face? Or pet their soft, lush, fur coat. Or feed one from your own hands?? They are unquestionably one of the most amazing, beautiful creatures my family has had the privilege to enjoy, pet, and get our hands slobbered on while feeding them at Zoo Miami. Below are a few pics (up close) of our fun time; we spent with these majestic creatures at the zoo.

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HIV-AIDS: The Giraffe In the Room!

By Chato B. Stewart • 1 min read

Giraffes Part 1|Giraffes Part 2|Giraffes Part 3

The Giraffe In the Room!

I read the other day that “In Precisely 10 Years Wild Giraffes will be Extinct Due to HIV-AIDS.” This is the most categorically idiotic and numskull idea. It’s insensitive to HIV-AIDS victims… IF you take it out of context. If you love animals like me, you could also get mad that in 10 to 15 years Wild Giraffes Will Be Extinct. The subject had shock-value to get you to read the post…I’ll say that! But later the subject line and post was deleted.

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