WeightLoss Challenge: Mortified & Discouraged

By Chato B. Stewart • 4 min read

1524_MentalHealthHumor- NO Quit YouFit60daysa 
Chato Stewart: I MUST NOT QUIT
Caption : Is there a conflicting relationship between our belief System & reality?

Weight-Loss and Mental Mental Goals

Wonderful you’re back with me on my weight-loss journey (WeightLoss Challenge: 60 Days to a Better YOU). These are the voyages nay, more like my own odyssey filled with epic challenges and tragic weight-gain over mental health compromise.  The story is incredible and giving you some history with me, Chato Stewart at my absolutely lowest:  WeightLoss Challenge: Weight Gain – Suicide By Food).

Now you know the “what I’m Doing” and “why I’m doing it”… Now all I had to do was sign up, get weighed and get started!

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WeightLoss Challenge: Weight Gain – Suicide By Food

By Chato B. Stewart • 2 min read

#Youfit60Days @youfit
Wall: Doctor degree Dr. Bob Bob | Chart: (Chatos Stewart’s Annual Body Mass Index BMI)
Chato Stewart: I’m Off the Charts
Caption : The Measure of a Man.

Weight-loss is not a new game for me…I’m on the Procrastination Diet. When on this diet, I hit 405 pounds (and for those using the British Imperial  Avoirdupois System that’s a whopping 28.92 Stone)!  Yes, I said 405 Pounds was/is my heaviest that I’ve ever been, and I never want to see that number again…full of mixed feelings. I recognized in December 2011 that I was, in fact, being very apathetic about my health. It was suicide by apathy; or Suicide by Food. I could really care less if I lived or died.

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WeightLoss Challenge: 60 Days to a Better YOU

By Chato B. Stewart • 2 min read

1523_MentalHealthHumor-The Measure of a Man  YouFit60days sm#Youfit60Days @youfit
Wall: Doctor degree Dr. Bob Bob | Chart: (Chato’s Annual Body Mass Index BMI)
Chato Stewart: I’m Off the Charts
Caption : The Measure of a Man.

Mental Goals are Slipping

In 2014, my goal was to get in the mind set to stop dieting and change the way I eat for ever.  I did – well, after I caped out at 405. lbs (morbidly obesity).  I was able to get down to 372. lbs on my own.  Then out of the blue came the “BLUES”! woke up one day and the meds did not work and I was in the grasps of a major bipolar depression. At this point emotional eat and bindgeing (Bindge Eating Disorder) slipping… My A1c was 10.8 and my blood sugar was in the high 300’s coming at the end of 2014.  Things! have to CHANGE…or

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The Mask Of Addiction

By Chato B. Stewart • 1 min read

Medication Bottle: (Anonymous mask – Mental Health)
Liquor Bottle: (Anonymous mask – Mental Illness)
Crack Pipe: (Anonymous mask – Mental Disorder)
Caption: Is it time to unmask addiction?

Helping A Fellow Advocate with Some Serious Funny

Chato Stewart is one of those gems you find when Googling for information for this newsletter. He opened himself up to me recently. Turns out, this guy has some real insight and we could all learn something from his path and his laughter. – Voice of HOPE  9/2011

We have been Facebook friends ever since.

I want to thank The Voice of HOPE up in Ontario, Canada for giving me the opportunity to share my cartoons in their quarterly newsletter. The above- Mental Health Humor cartoon is from the Over-Medicated series and was published in the March issue.

I got a message from my Facebook pal and Editor of the Voice of HOPE. In the pas,t she has published a few cartoons but this time she was looking for a subject matter that I wanted to add more to in my cartoon collection. She asked:

Our next issue is on addictions and wondering if you had anything along that line…

It’s just a hard subject to draw and be funny since it’s so serious.  Ah-ha! but that is WHAT the Mental Health humor cartoons are meant for – a way to open or lead into serious topics in a whimsical yet provoking way without invoking too much negativity. It’s a tight rope walk…good thing, I will have a lot of time to think about this cartoons I thought to myself.  As I IM’ed:

Chato Stewart: “okay – what is the deadline?

Editor: “Hey buddy…..next week sometime???”

Chato Stewart: “Sure I say… and I get to Drawing!”

Here is a chart that lists all the Commonly Abused Drugs. In the cartoon, I just focus on three…I’m a cartoonist not a miracle worker!



The Voice of HOPE  March 2015 Ca

“Their mission is to nurture hope and discovery by supporting the recovery journey of people affected by mental health and/or addiction challenges.”

The Voice of HOPE Newsletter March 2015
Penetanguishene Ontario Canada







National Institute on Drug Abuse. Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs Chart Retrieved from http://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/commonly-abused-drugs-charts/commonly-abused-prescription-drugs-chart on March 5, 2015

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