Is It a Street Performer or Someone in a Mental Health Crisis #AwesomeStreetPerformer

By Chato B. Stewart
Person Videoing one: Oh Ya, this’s on going on Youtube…he is Awesome!
Person Videoing two: Is this dinner theater?
Caption: Ever been out & seen something so awesome that you just had to stop and video it? #AwesomeStreetPerformer
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In this four-part Mental Health Humor Cartoon series

We have all seen them, or at one time been them, people living with a mental health disorder in public doing something worthy of being videoed by passers-by with smart phones. If you have a mental health crisis and you are LOUD & OBNOXIOUS, you just might make YouTube…Or if the situation gets out of control, you could make national news. Mental (Public) Disturbance calls to the police don’t end well, many times, for the the “mentally ill”.

Mostly because we are not trained what to do when we are face-to-face with a police officer – Here are a few things we need to manage when confronted and talking with any police officer:

Angry – officers do not like to be yelled at, WHO KNEW! Even if we are right, yelling at an officer makes them defensive, unequivocally not caring about your position. You don’t respect them, they won’t respect you. And you may find yourself riding in the back of a patrol car just for an angry outburst.

Irritable -this translates to an officer of the law that we are not being cooperative.

Manic- resembles looking high on drugs, fidgety, nervous, shaking, can’t stand being in one spot… Could trigger a fight or flight mechanism in our brain. Which will either get you arrested for resisting, or worse getting you shot.

Depression: while many officers can sympathize with depression, how it looks in the field, when pulling you over after you go through a stop sign, or question you for some reason because you haven’t moved from the same bench in three days…looks like you’re intoxicated, inebriated or vagrant and police may believe because of appearance/disorder that you may be homeless (which could be the case). Yelling obscenities[...] to leave you alone – throwing beer bottles or cursing them up and down, left and right may get you a night in jail for public intoxication, vagrancy and/or threatening an officer.

The key to any scenario with police is: be respectful, be honest, and don’t run!

Sadly, statistics show in our country, people living with mental illness when dealing directly with the police (while in a mental health crisis) usually don’t fare well… Many reports show unnecessary fatalities over some meaningless interactions.

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In this four-part Mental Health Humor Cartoon series

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Art therapy: A Grieving Process “and death will be no more”

By Chato B. Stewart
1482 Mental Health Humor by Chato Stewart Death Will Be No MoreDEATH:(running~yelling) Oh No!
Right Boot: (kicking Death butt) I am going to KICK your Butt!
Left Boot: (About to Kick Deaths Butt) GRRRrrrrrr!
Caption:  (Bible verse of Revelation Chapter 21, Verse 4:) Revelation 21:4 ~ “…and death will be no more,…” 
Mental Health Humor: All rights reserved©Chato B. Stewart 2014.

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Death of a Social Media Friend: Is There a Different Grieving Process?

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Paradoxical Service And A Self-Contradictory Therapy

By Chato B. Stewart

Billing Service Rep: Yes, We can provide Collection Services. Who owes the Debt to you?
Chato Stewart: “YOU Do…”
Signs: Acme Billing Services
Caption: Paradoxical

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Paradoxical: “seemingly absurd or self-contradictory”…What is more self-contradictory then being owed money from a business in a billing collection service. I have reached a point after “months” of spinning my head. where I feel so frustrated and my stress leave passed…that all I can do is laugh at the irony of the situation! The result…the above therapeutic Mental Health Humor -The Family Stew Cartoon.

Ebola Virus Hysteria What To Do Unequivocally To Survive!

By Chato B. Stewart
Ebola Virus by Mental Health Humor by Chato Stewart  Ebola Virus thumbEbola Virus: I have no FRIENDS no soon do I meet them and they’re gone.
Death: I’m Still here…
Caption:  Like the Ebola virus & Death, some Relationships are Toxic!
Mental Health Humor Cartoons: All rights reserved
©Chato B. Stewart 2014.

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