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By Chato B. Stewart

f002 Mental Health Humor Over Medicated by Chato Stewart - TASTE THE RAINBOW

FREE Facebook profile cover above.  Download File with the like right click and save it to your computer and log into your Facebook account. Go to your Profile Page, Click on your Header Image/Profile Image/Cover Image and click it and follow instructions. Locate where you save the above…my custom made Mental Health Humor Cartoon and just upload it. It should have a snug fit with the text “free Facebook Profile” covered by your avatar/small profile image. The only thing you will see is my website. Please feel free to use it #chatostewart and share it. My goal is to try to make more.

Reference material:
John M. Grohol, Psy.D
Top 25 Psychiatric Medication Prescriptions for 2013
 Are Antidepressants Enough?



Mental Disorder Symptom Severity: Are You Functioning OR NON-Functioning?

By Chato B. Stewart

I wanted to share the cartoon I drew for Terry GorskiGorski On Charting: Reporting Changes In Symptom Severity” of Functioning. One of my least favorite questions is identifying someone not just by a label but the quality of that label…such as if I am highly functioning or non-functioning? Like I am an unwanted toy in the return aisle at Walmart on December 26th!

You might not understand me yet, so let’s screen play it out:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chato

(walking through the Psychotherapist Dr. Bob Bob’s Office door)

————— Doctor I need help, I can’t

————— sleep and I’m eating too much.

—————  my work is suffering…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Bob Bob

————— Take 2 of these and pay

————— Secretary on your way out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chato

————— ??! I CAN’T function!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Bob Bob

————— I disagree, only someone

————— highly functioning would say that.

Okay- the truth is you needed to help to identify symptoms to focus the current treatment plan.

Four general categories of impairments in functioning:  normal, mild, moderate, or severe.

* Normal Functioning is rated when there are no symptoms.  Score between 7 and 10.

* Mild Impairment in Functioning is rated when symptoms or problems are a nuisance but can be managed successfully with extra effort.  Score between 5 and 7.

* Moderate Impairment in Functioning is rated when the problems or symptoms periodically cause dysfunction in spite of extra efforts taken to manage them.  Score between 3 and 5.

* Severe Impairment in Functioning is rated when the problems or symptoms consistently cause serious dysfunction.  Score between 1 and 3. This also applies when there is suicidal or homicidal risk and/or the general inability to function and care for self.

Check out Terry’s full article

Here are some more of my cartoons for:

Gorski On Charting 1 Gorski On Charting 2 | Gorski On Charting 3 | Gorski On Charting 4

Number One Dad – the Father Rules

By Chato B. Stewart

The following poem about fathers was attributed to Eppie Lederer, better known as “Ann Landers,” one of America’s most reliable and trusted sources of advice for decades as a newspaper columnist. Can you imagine what she could do with social media today??!

Back in the 80′s, I used to have a print out that was similar to this poem that I had taped to my wall for years.  The gist was when I was younger Dad meant everything, as I  got older, I thought less of my father’s wisdom and more of my own. Of course, at 17 I thought I knew everything and I was becoming my own man. As I grew older and became a Dad, I realized how wise my own Dad really was, and wished he was around to talked with.

Any way thought I would share the poem, since I am a #1 Dad…I’m sure it’s part of the responsibility written in the number one Father rule book somewhere.

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Full Moon AND Friday the 13th: It’s Really Bad Luck for Werewolves

By Chato B. Stewart


Today is a rare Full Moon falling on Friday the 13th.  Now, it would be really bad luck for Werewolves today. If you have a “Fear” of Friday the 13th.. it is known as friggatriskaidekaphobia (named after “Frigg”, the Norse goddess whom Friday is named after and “triskaidekaphobia” meaning the fear of “13″.) And If you’re a selenophobic— someone who is phobic and fears the Moon… then today: you’re really going to have a bad day.

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