- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Urgent! Is Bad Digestion Crushing Your Mood? 9 Tummy Tips

Bubble Yum: I’m bubble Gum! Friends Forever!
Turkey leg: Gross! he’s stuck to Get it off!
Carrots: Why are you still here?
Caption: The lingering effects of Bad Digestion
Published on Psych Central ©2015
It's been seven days since many Tom the turkeys came out the ovens.  All the turkey you could eat and with all the fixings and  And well, you know what you ate (or didn't).  And what you have been picking on all week long.  Some foods take up to 5 days...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Clowning Around: Today For The First Time Since I Can Remember-I Have HOPE (Part 2)

Caption: Send in the and pieces.

See: Clowning Around: Today For The First Time Since I Can Remember-I Have HOPE PART 1 

The PB&J I did some research about that this week…going back to a local provider's newsletter in 2011, I found out why  had the PB&J, it said:

“Charlotte Behavioral Health Care is starting an informal Peanut Butter & Jelly program and proud to announce that therapist  will be spearheading this effort.  screens many indigent consumers and many of these consumers can only make it to the Homeless Coalition...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Black Monday, The Only Day Bipolar Spending Sprees are Okay!

Caption: Black Monday, The only day Bipolar Spending Sprees are ok.

Quick reminder about some symptom of Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

During a manic phase, symptoms include:

heightened sense of self-importance
exaggerated positive outlook
significantly decreased need for sleep
poor appetite and weight loss
racing speech, flight of ideas, impulsiveness
ideas that move quickly from one subject to the next
poor concentration, easy distractibility
increased activity level
excessive involvement in pleasurable activities
poor financial choices, rash spending sprees
excessive irritability, aggressive behavior

I think this 2008 Mental Health Humor Cartoon says it all.

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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Vegan OR Vegetarian for your Mental Health?

Box: Vegan Vs. Vegetarian
Toms' Sign: Looking 4 Vegan Forever Home -NO CATS-
Caption: Tom’s not taking any chances tempting vegetarians, again!

If you live vegan, don't hate me, but I eat meat!  I have limited red meat over the years to be a special meal. Therefore, it could be said that I have saved a few cows. Over the last 10 years, I have been systematically cutting read meat out of my diet.  Replacing beef with chicken and pork or turkey and fish.  Adding greens, but...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Fun Friday: Mind Games: HORSE FEATHERS

Fun Friday - win! go to:
You Could win a free digital Caricature drawn by Me, Chato Stewart, of you or a loved one just for #horsingaround !!! Can you FIND the right number of "horse" words in the Mental Health Humor Cartoon? If so, YOU MUST please post your findings in the Mental health Humor blog comment area to win! AT

In this "BRAIN GAME" you have to add up as many "Horse Words" you can find and...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

#GreatPumpkin – Pie

Linus: Year after year in vain I waited. In vain hoping you would come to the patch. My misplaced belief in the “Great Pumpkin” made me a joke. You crushed my childhood dreams. How does it feel? How does it FEEL!
Caption: Linus makes preparations...
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