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Toss back Tuesday: 1988

This was a year of great turmoil in my life.  I remember it with so much pain and so much personal growth.  The year leading up to it, 1987, was filled with some great pop-music, fun parties and a year-long fence I was proverbially sitting on.  A life-altering-change was needed, but I was too foolish, childish and immature, at the time, to appreciate it--at the time.  Yet, I was only 16.

I knew violence, I knew hate, I knew TAKE and Steal. I learned in the projects a group is more powerful than one. Yet, when push comes to shove if you're the weak one, you're going to be beat up till you can stand up or take a punch.  Yes, I knew pain. I was usually the odd one out, till I got the nick name "Psycho Stew" BUT...What I also knew and kept hidden was the depression, the mania, the cutting. I knew alcohol and drug use, I knew sex (well, I thought I knew it).
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* Mental Health Humor

Does Alcohol Push A Person Towards Riskier Behavior?

Box: Bottles of Ambiguity Aversions
Whisky: Bottle product #1|Looking Good|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Vodka: Bottle product #1|ANGST|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Rum: Bottle product #1|I Can Drive|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Caption:Discovery! Researchers find alcohol spikes risky behavior in guys...really?
Drunk Driving OR Just Buzzed Driving
Drinking and driving - it almost killed my brother. I know many people who have very tragic stories because someone thought they were okay to drive.  Maybe we have all been there at one point or another...most guys who have a few beers with friends to watch a game know what I mean. You have a brew, then two, another at halftime and one with the pizza. You talk about the game, maybe you have a fantasy league going...Whatever and before the game is done, you might have downed a six pack. You're "NOT DRUNK"... You're definitely buzzed...What do you do?  Take a cab  - sleep it off or shrug off the idea that you're impaired in any way and drive home.
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Ultimately, I’m A Maggot But Can I Have A Higher Purpose?

Maggot Chad: If I work hard and apply myself...Ya know Rod, one day even I could be a “Medical Maggot!”
Maggot Rod: [eating lunch]
Caption: Even You Can Have A Higher Purpose!

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What to do When The Track Disappears?
Okay, you know when you start off thinking you're going in one direction and you believe, with all your heart, that you’re going in the right direction and you earnestly-fervently try, with all you might, to stay the course! You're on the final frontier. Yes, you are fighting the fine fight, making sure that everything you do is true to the true north in your direction because you have your eyesight on the prize. In this case, my prize is the Youfit 60 day fitness challenge. (WeightLoss Challenge: 60 Days to a Better YOU, WeightLoss Challenge: Mortified & Discouraged &WeightLoss Challenge: Weight Gain – Suicide By Food).

You are without fail determined to keep going straight on till morning. No matter what, you will not be deterred. You know when you're that motivated, sometimes you are a little delusional. I think because you forget that this over-enthusiastic idea can easily be popped like bubbles.
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WeightLoss Challenge: Mortified & Discouraged

#Youfit60Days @youfit
Chato Stewart: I MUST NOT QUIT
Caption : Is there a conflicting relationship between our belief System & reality?
Weight-Loss and Mental Mental Goals
Wonderful you're back with me on my weight-loss journey (WeightLoss Challenge: 60 Days to a Better YOU). These are the voyages nay, more like my own odyssey filled with epic challenges and tragic weight-gain over mental health compromise.  The story is incredible and giving you some history with me, Chato Stewart at my absolutely lowest:  WeightLoss Challenge: Weight Gain - Suicide By Food).

Now you know the "what I'm Doing" and "why I'm doing it"... Now all I had to do was sign up, get weighed and get started!
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WeightLoss Challenge: Weight Gain – Suicide By Food

#Youfit60Days @youfit
Wall: Doctor degree Dr. Bob Bob | Chart: (Chatos Stewart’s Annual Body Mass Index BMI)
Chato Stewart: I’m Off the Charts
Caption : The Measure of a Man.

Weight-loss is not a new game for me...I'm on the Procrastination Diet. When on this diet, I hit 405 pounds (and for those using the British Imperial  Avoirdupois System that's a whopping 28.92 Stone)!  Yes, I said 405 Pounds was/is my heaviest that I've ever been, and I never want to see that number again...full of mixed feelings. I recognized in December 2011 that I was, in fact, being very apathetic about my health.
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WeightLoss Challenge: 60 Days to a Better YOU

#Youfit60Days @youfit
Wall: Doctor degree Dr. Bob Bob | Chart: (Chato's Annual Body Mass Index BMI)
Chato Stewart: I'm Off the Charts
Caption : The Measure of a Man.
Mental Goals are Slipping
In 2014, my goal was to get in the mind set to stop dieting and change the way I eat for ever.  I did - well, after I caped out at 405. lbs (morbidly obesity).  I was able to get down to 372. lbs on my own.  Then out of the blue came the "BLUES"! woke up one day and the meds did not work and I was in the grasps of a major bipolar depression. At this point emotional eat and bindgeing (Bindge Eating Disorder) slipping... My A1c was 10.8 and my blood sugar was in the high 300's coming at the end of 2014.  Things! have to CHANGE...or
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

The Mask Of Addiction

Medication Bottle: (Anonymous mask - Mental Health)
Liquor Bottle: (Anonymous mask - Mental Illness)
Crack Pipe: (Anonymous mask - Mental Disorder)
Caption: Is it time to unmask addiction?
Helping A Fellow Advocate with Some Serious Funny

Chato Stewart is one of those gems you find when Googling for information for this newsletter. He opened himself up to me recently. Turns out, this guy has some real insight and we could all learn something from his path and his laughter. - Voice of HOPE  9/2011

We have been Facebook friends ever...
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2015 Mental Health Humor

Mr Spock : The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few

Chato Stewart: (day dreaming)
Mr. Spock: Remember
Caption: Live long and Prosper
“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
This above-title, to me, is to me one of the most iconic line in the all of Star Trek's history!  Aside from the #LLAP "Live long and Prosper" of course! You don't have to be a Trekkie to understand its meaning.  It holds even more emotional weight now, especially if you love the show and know...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Money out of Misery

 Snowman: Ha-Ha, I’m rich! I got donations from every snow bank in town!

Caption: Money out of are just cold hearted.  This one is for my sister(s) up in Boston and for all my family digging out of the snow this winter. Sorry about your mean neighbor(s) that won't let you put any snow in/close proximity to their yard, but keeps using their snow blower to put tons of snow back on you. :(

You know there is...
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* Mental Health Humor

Is My Relationship Established on Love, Lust or Chocolate? Quiz

Strawberry: "!"
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry: I thought she was "THE ONE" then I found her warming up the chocolate fondue fountian.
Caption: Is Your Relationship Based on Love or Lust? 
My Relationship: Love, Lust or Chocolate?
Riddle: What gift costs nothing to buy, becomes priceless when given?  If you're thinking chocolate you're almost right: since 98% of the world LOVES chocolate!  The other 2% have not tasted it, yet.
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Friday The 13th – What the Friggatriskaidekaphobia – More Snow!!!

Friday The 13th -
Fear, it is something  that can stop a man or woman in their tracks. Yes, fear can freeze you momentarily or it can cause a knee jerk reaction, fight or flight attitude. My Pun: Fair not? For fear itself is not fearful because the fear we have doesn't have to be fearsome if we just use some fairly simple phobia techniques...handling it we may farewell.
Today is Friday the 13th. It is a day that strikes fear in to many. It is also a day like any other day for many others. Fear of this day is called by two specific names
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* Mental Health Humor

Are You In a Sustainable Marriage?

Message: Strange, but Larry always got an adrenaline rush & felt alive when arguing with his wife Lois.
Caption: Are you In a Sustainable Marriage
The unique wedding proposal that changed my life!
February 10, 2015 is 24 years since I asked Joan Winifred to marry me.  When she said yes, it was a good day, a very good day!  I got the whole thing on video long before every one had a way to record every second of every day in High Definition Video.

Back then, the camera was the size of a suitcase, and my friend (we'll call him Larry for privacy) wanted me,
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