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The Start of Mental Health Month – and I’m So Depressed!!!

I knew it was going to hit me. I was preparing for it early in April. I could feel it coming on stronger, holding longer, tightening its grip…What am I talking about…DEPRESSION! You know as a mental health advocate, I wish I could say I am cured, 100% in recession with my bipolar. I have mild symptoms and some more severe. My bipolar cycles typically quarterly. With medications and therapy, I have not had to deal with major bouts of depression or hypomania for quite some time. It’s there, the depression is always present. Many of its byproducts: low self-esteem, self-hate, and loathing remain present constantly. It’s something that I deal with on a day to day, step-by-step, inch by inch, minute by minute (at times) basis. Usually, I can work around my symptoms and can be quite creative at the same time...sometimes all I want to do is just lay in bed and hide myself away from the world. That’s when I take my little tablet with me…
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