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Suicide in the Military – What is the Solution?

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

 Not long ago, war trauma was treated with compassion, understanding and love. But today, the willingness to empathize with the warrior and listen to his experiences has been replaced by a psychiatric pop-a-pill “quick-fix” mentality that employs antidepressants, antipsychotics, stimulants, sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs.~*Drugging The Military

Suicide in the Military – What is the Solution?

Suicide Prevention: The Most Powerful Words You Should Never Forget!

Thursday, September 11th, 2014


On the evening of September 10th, I walked for suicide prevention as the sunset at Gilchrist park, Punta Gorda.

I was given the above-piece of paper to pin on my shirt and to write “WHO” I was walking for? “I AM WALKING FOR”…many walked for loved ones that had lost their battles/lives to mental illness. Others walked to support family and/or friends.  I wrote I walk for: me.

No, not as a joke for Mental Health Humor, but as a serious statement of a living/breathing participant and for all my peers who sadly couldn’t walk for themselves. I did not expect anyone to notice or say anything to me about writing walking for “ME.”

One woman, who was walking for suicide prevention, came up to commend me for personally walking for my “mental health.”  We talked for a bit. Her amazing story was so empowering. I asked if she would say a few words on video for my readers…What she said next are the most powerful words you should never forget if you live with a mental health disorder.

Here is what she said:

You are not alone, say it now: say it again, “You’re Not alone!”

Words that, at the right time, can save a life!  Something we should write down and repeat daily to remind us. These simple words of hope can hold so much power…Yes, if the words are coming from the right source, from the right person and at the right time.


Say Hello To ‘Michael Scotti Jr’ Creator of the #doubtfireface

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

In my last few posts, you got to see My #doubtfireface Suicide Prevention Challenge.  Also, my research on American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the #doubtfireface challenge this led me to Michael Scotti, Jr. creator of the viral video: Say “Helloooo” to #suicideprevention!

I reached out to him via e-mail and he I asked if I could ask him a few questions for my Mental Health Humor blog.

Chato Stewart: I’m a blogger and mental health advocate that uses humor as a tool to teach, comfort and help heal my-self and my peers. The loss of Robin Williams…huge! Michael – great thinking with the say “Hello” To Suicide Prevention #doubtfireface challenge!  I would love to ask You a few questions to be published on my Psych Central blog with my video. I was at a restaurant with my wife and 4 kids and grabbed one of my girl’s dessert and did a “Doubtfire.”

Michael Scotti JrMichael Scotti Jr.:  Thanks so much for reaching out and for your Doubtfireface support. I agree. The loss of Robin Williams is a tragedy. He was not only an icon of comedy, but also served as one my biggest inspirations to have a sense of humor always and to follow my dreams of becoming a filmmaker. I would be happy to answer your questions.

Chato Stewart: Where and when did the idea “Doubtfire face” first come to you? 

Michael Scotti Jr.: The movement began on August 11th, the night of Robin’s passing, as a way to honor him and pay tribute to his work in my home in Matawan, New Jersey. I was writing a Facebook post honoring him, and scrolled by a photo of him with his face in cream from Mrs. Doubtfire and it made me smile. Moments later, my sister walked in the door and I asked her to film me, for fun, recreating the short scene. I did it because that was my grieving process. I wanted a …

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month ~ it’s not the type of awareness that gets full media coverage unless an A type celebrity dies like Robin Williams.  Even then, the coverage can be both positive and negative.

Negative: dragging the old “he or she is such a coward” or “weak minded” never considering the mental condition could have won over and be the major contributing factor…mixing that with whatever sorts of triggers and stresses the person was coping or not coping well with.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention lists most frequently cited risk factors for suicide are: Mental disorders, in particular: Depression or bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder,… while noting large majority of people with mental disorders or other suicide risk factors do not engage in suicidal behavior (see list below).

Then you have the positives: The open conversations on the subject of suicide and prevention has been the shining lime-light out of the sadness of the loss.  The conventions have tapered off a bit, as they do now that we are about 20 days since Robin Williams’ death.  Unlike any of the celebrity suicides, his I believe affected more people.  Why?  Because he made us laugh! He made every one laugh at one time or another.  When you think of your friends, what is among the best traits you can list about them?  I’m sure “making you laugh” should be one of them.

When he passed, I almost gave up drawing for a while, but I knew I had to draw something that day on August 11, 2014 about Robin Williams or I would not pick up a pen for a long time.  The last time I felt like putting down my pen and stop drawing altogether was September 2001…watching the Twin Towers Fall.  I was drawing a cartoon that morning of 9/11 and I put it down on my desk and never finished that specific cartoon.  It would be years before I picked up the pen again.


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