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What African American History Can Teach Us about Suicide Prevention

Friday, February 28th, 2014

African American Teacher: Chato here’s some “history” – while “we” have a high record of homicides committed with a firearm. White Americans hold the record for firearm suicide! That’s ever since they started Stats. I’m terrified of the day you realize the gun turns the other way!!!

Caption: African American History and Suicide Prevention

Thirty Two years ago the New York Times ran an article were a Dr. Richard H. Seiden, professor of behavioral sciences at the University of California’s School of Public Health in Berkeley:

” suggested that among blacks ”only the strongest survive.” They, he said, ”are probably very different than the whites whose advancement to old age is not so keyed to survival of the strongest.” The black elderly, he said, feel ”a triumph in surviving against adversity.”Dr. Seiden said, the loss of status – a factor not shared by many white women and nonwhites because the effects of discrimination gave them little status to lose -appears to be a major cause of the higher suicide rates.”



“By JOSEPH WILLIAMS STRIKING differences in the suicide rates for various ethnic groups in the United States are shown by Government statistics of recent years. Whites are increasingly likely to take their own lives as they grow older while the suicide rate among blacks and some other minority groups peaks in the 20′s and then declines. Among middle-aged and elderly Americans, the overall suicide rate for whites is about three times the rate for blacks. For example, the 1978 figures from the National Center for Health Statistics show 40.8 suicides for every 100,000 white men 65 years of age and older as against 12.1 for nonwhites. For white women the rate was 7.9, compared with 3.1 for nonwhites.” – New Times February 9, 1982 Science

Well, it’s been 32 years and the black/white ratio has not changed much.  Over that time period, we have seen the computer age go from big bulky word processors to super computers to smart phones -tablets. The data collecting is better now then it was 32 years ago, and still white Americans lead the pack …

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Monday, September 9th, 2013
t2013 Mental Health Humor Suicidal Ideation of Meds  Chato Stewart

Caption: Suicidal Ideation Of Meds

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