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Spreading Smiles – EMPOWERING Others

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Spreading Smiles Challenge DBSA October


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DBSA Is Spreading Smiles
This is the last month for the DBSA “Positive Six Campaign”… And they are going out on a HIGH note with spreading smiles!  A smile is a very power tool!  I remember my Lincoln School’s 7th grade teacher had a sign on her desk that said: “Smile cause it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.”  I never forgot it cause it made me laugh… so now I smile all the time. :)

This month’s cartoon is the last in a series of the 6 cartoons for the DBSA, that’s me spreading smiles.

“we can Do something unexpected and nice for six (+6) peoples this month (a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a stranger). Smiles are contagious…so spread the laughter and love!”

Spreading Smiles Podcast

Along with the cartoon this month, you have to listen to my friend David Granirer (He was Mental Health Hero, too). His interview with Executive Vice President Cindy Specht “talks with comedian, counselor, and founder of Stand Up for Mental Health, David …

DBSA Positive 6: New Connections Challenge – Blog Hopping

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

DBSA Chato Reaches out to his inner circle of friendsI am excited about this month’s DBSA Positive 6 cartoon. I really like this cartoon and I think it’s the funniest cartoon to date. If you’re not sure what the +6 is, please read over The DBSA “Positive Six Campaign” blog post. Then check out JUNE: Positive Change Challenge and the JULY – Give It a Try Challenge cartoon.

Once you’re caught up, you will understand this cartoon more and each month’s challenge after this one. So, here is August’s cartoon for the DBSA, and the challenge is: to make new friends.
New Connections Challenge

Reach out to four (+4) individuals this month to make a small gesture (start a conversation with someone you’d like to cultivate a friendship with. phone call, email, note, etc.) connect with a new friend or acquaintance….or reconnect with an old one you’ve lost touch with.

I’m going to make my NEW CONNECTIONS by visiting each of Psych Central blogs and then trying and leave a valuable, coherent comment. That is my goal this month. Why not come and join me for some blog hopping?  Check out the links below.
DBSA Chato Reaches out to his inner circle of friends - by Chato Stewart - P

Chato’s Going Blog Hopping – Come Join Me and Visit Some of My Favorite Blogs.

Addiction Recovery
(Day visited: 8/9/12 Left a comment: 5 Therapies To Try Before Giving Up On Recovery – Retweeted post @

What an AWESOME 2010 Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-a-thon!!!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Chato Stewart At the DBSA 2010 Party For The Peers in  Chicago  PhotoWhat an AWESOME 2010 Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-a-thon!!!  First, I want to thank all the heroes from the bottom of my heart for being brave enough to let me draw them!!! We had so many Mental Health Heroes, I felt bad I was only able to draw 31.  I want to “thank” all the heroes for their support and for making this cartoon-a-thon such a success!!!  (Keep up the great work all Heroes…you make a difference!!!)  As I mentioned in past posts, I only started teaching myself to draw caricatures over the last year.  Mostly, from online resources and a few books.  I did take an hour class once but it was real basic; plus an hour drive.

Chato-and-David-Granirer-Stand-Up-for-Mental-Health-imageLet’s review the month.  It started out in Chicago at the 2010 DBSA’s 25th Anniversary Conference.  I was given an opportunity to be in attendance to some incredible lectures and workshops.  The event started out on April 28th with DBSA 2010 Chapter Leadership Forum, affectionately called The Party With Our Peers.” My three biggest personal highlights (besides just attending).. attending Scott Nychay’s art therapy workshop…(He is a fellow cartoonist and Illustrator…well, there is a huge difference between our art styles… He is a professional.  I’m just a guy with a pen and some paper. Still, I hope the he and I can work together on a future mental health project!!)  The second and third highlights were finally meeting David Granirer – in person that is!! (He leads the Annual DBSA Comedy Show.)  My biggest personal achievement…being a last minute stand-up comic in the Stand-Up For Mental Health Comedy show.

DBSA – 25th Anniversary Photos at Englewood Resort and Spa

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

mental health cartoonist for psych-central: chato b stewart

What an Awesome week at the the DBSA 25th Anniversary Conference in Chicago!!! The Eaglewood Golf Resort and Spa was a bit Bipolar… It had its ups and downs! One of the ups I loved was my room!

Getting to it was another thing.  I had to walk the distance of 4 football fields just to get to my room! No kidding… FOUR!  I should have known cause a lot of other guests were upset, too.  Walking across the nicely trimmed green grass, I kept hearing other resort guests yell FOUR!  I mean, they were really mad… They even HAD CLUBS in their hands!!!

Anyway, the conference had so much going on that for a few moments, I had to take a “time out” of an event and just relax in my room.  Fear not, I will be posting a LOT of my highlights, videos, photos, and other unwanted stuff, here on my blog.

Going along with that, I wanted to share with you some photos taken by a few of my friends at the event.

Mental Health

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