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What an AWESOME 2010 Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-a-thon!!!

What an AWESOME 2010 Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-a-thon!!!  First, I want to thank all the heroes from the bottom of my heart for being brave enough to let me draw them!!! We had so many Mental Health Heroes, I felt bad I was only able to draw 31.  I want to "thank" all the heroes for their support and for making this cartoon-a-thon such a success!!!  (Keep up the great work all make a difference!!!)  As I mentioned in past posts, I only started teaching myself to draw caricatures over the last year.  Mostly, from online resources and a few books.  I did take an hour class once but it was real basic; plus an hour drive.

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DBSA – 25th Anniversary Photos at Englewood Resort and Spa

What an Awesome week at the the DBSA 25th Anniversary Conference in Chicago!!! The Eaglewood Golf Resort and Spa was a bit Bipolar... It had its ups and downs! One of the ups I loved was my room!

Getting to it was another thing.  I had to walk the distance of 4 football fields just to get to my room! No kidding... FOUR!  I should have known cause a lot of other guests were upset, too.  Walking across the nicely trimmed green grass, I kept hearing other resort guests yell FOUR!  I mean, they were really mad... They even HAD CLUBS in their hands!!!

Anyway, the conference had so much going on that for a few moments, I had to take a "time out" of an event and just relax in my room.  Fear not, I will be posting a LOT of my highlights, videos, photos, and other unwanted stuff, here on my blog.

Going along with that, I wanted to share with you some photos taken by a few of my friends at the event.
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

DBSA – I'm In The Comedy Show!!!

Still here in Chicago “celebrating” the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance’s 25th year of peer support.  It's the last night of  the conference.  I have so much information.  I've gone to so many lectures, breakout sessions and Key Note addresses -  my brain is about to melt!

Last night, I went down to watch the
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DBSA-2010 POST- Chapter Leadership Forum

The day is over and now let me give you a quick review of the Chapter Leadership Forum.
Here is my Chapter Leadership Forum Evaluation.

DBSA Chato Stewart Stand-Up For Mental Health 2010 DBSA-post-CHAPTER-LEADERSHIP-FORUM_0001.wmv

DBSA-2010-pre-chapter-leadership-forum.wmv [DBSA] 2010 Conference with Mental Health Humor's Chato B Stewart. April 28th Flight Plan
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