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CBS’s Black Box -Love it or HATE IT, It’s Been Canceled!

Friday, September 5th, 2014

CBS’s Black Box -Love it or HATE IT, it’s been canceled! I mean hate it with a passion that would make water boil, for it’s blatant stereotypical “bipolar disorder” or the fact that it just had a predictable storyline with periodical drama-less drama. Not just the over the top “sex-crazed bipolar ~ drug seeking neurologist” –

That paints a great picture of what ALL BIPOLAR people are like…er,ah excuse me, I  mean to say what all people “WHO LIVE WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER” are like… PEOPLE FIRST terms!  If we are not shooting and on a killing spree and sexing every one up – Thank you mass-media and the very small percentage of people with (normally undiagnosed or in denial) mental illness that do fit this blatant media stereotype.  You mess it up for the rest of us.  STOP STIGMA.

In a recent BP HOPE article titled “Are we ready for our close-up,” looked at t.v. shows like Homeland and Black Box:

““Media” in these terms typically includes news outlets. Yet fictional TV and movie characters who are presented as dangerous because of a mental illness, or as figures of ridicule (as on some children’s programs), obviously reinforce harmful stereotypes and reduce empathy. “

If you don’t watch t.v. the ABC show titled “Black Box,” is about an awesomely smart female neuroscientist with bipolar…the hypersexuality stereotype was the first card they tossed at viewers in the first or second episode…along with drug addiction, mania, self- medicating, rejecting-then accepting -then re-jecticting help… I think it was too much. It was very done in a tasteless way.  I never watched more than 3 full shows and just panned the reviews from others willing to still sit through it…but looks like not many were willing.

On August 7, 2014, ABC announced series Black Box will not be returning for a second season Entertainment Weekly reports.  Here is how the E-Weekly reported it:

Black-Box Kelly Reilly as a sex-crazed bipolar genius neurologistABC is packing away Black Box.

We’re …

From Chato Stewart – A Gift for You

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Just for you By Chato Stewart and BP Hope

From Chato Stewart – A Gift for You 50% off BP Hope -limited time

SPOILER ALERT!  Total moment of euphoria and grandiosity to follow!

Just for you, my loyal and awesome readers!… I worked my butt off reading BP Hope’s newsletter today to get you a GREAT deal…  Yes, it’s from me, Chato Stewart and I convinced  BP Hope to give everyone a 50% deal for their subscription from November 22nd to 28th… Umm, yes, okay,that is totally a made up grandiose, euphoric and a bit delusional statement…  Can you tell I stopped one of my meds this week for a few days?  hmmm, no, not at all!

The special has nothing to do with me. It’s all from BP Hope and I’m just the messenger. It’s a great deal and gift for anyone living with Bipolar Disorder.  Here the link: https://www.bphope.com/Subscription On the sign up page under the  “How did you hear about us? (select at least one)” check the “Other (please specify)“.  Right now you can only check it, there is no line to type anything (must be a webmaster oversight).  If and when they fix it, type in “Psych Central”.

NOTE: I am not getting any compensation from BP Hope for sharing this. Well other then, the joy that I can give you an opportunity to check out the ONLY Bipolar Magazine on the market today that focuses on mental health recovery.  Also, I’m hoping to get one on my cartoons published by them this year! Hint, hint BP Editors… ;)

On that note, does some one want to write a flattering article about me that I can submit to them?   This way I don’t have to fill it with my smug ego of grandiosity.  Let me know… :)


———— National -Health- Blog Post Month!

This post was written as part of #NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 …

Answer This for BP Hope – How Do You Navigate the Dating Scene with Bipolar?

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

My Latest Cartoon! Mr Great Pumpkin how do you reply to reports that you advocate cutting and Self-injury???

News Reporter: Mr. Great Pumpkin how do you reply to reports that you advocate cutting and Self-injury???

Caption: News Flash: Pumpkin Cutting on the Rise

Answer this for BP Hope – How do you navigate the dating scene with bipolar?

As some may know, (look out I’m about to toot my own horn), on Wednesdays I’m an ambassador blogger at BP Hope Magazine.  This week I gave my own little twist on Dating with Bipolar. BP Hope is looking for your dating experiences.  Just answer “THE Question” and submit it to the editor and you may be included in the magazine’s SOUND OFF section in the upcoming issue.  There is a deadline, so hurry up and make up a fake boyfriend or girlfriend, no… I mean share your real dating stories.

BP Hope Magazine for Bipolar – Keeping You Above the Curve

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

BP Magazine for Bipolar cartoon

Joe: Yo… Franky… Looky here, BP Hope Magazine says prolonged use of you “MIGHT’ stunt your growth!!!

Originally Post http://blogs.psychcentral.com/humor ©2011BP Hope Magazine launched in the Fall of 2004 and is a “healthy living magazine.”  They have been Keeping You Above the Curve by bringing cutting edge Bipolar disorder news. Published quarterly (4 issues per year) filled with interviews of peers “famous and ordinary.”  Yet, I’ve never met an “ordinary” peer… they are all extraordinary!

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