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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Answer This for BP Hope – How Do You Navigate the Dating Scene with Bipolar?

My Latest Cartoon!

News Reporter: Mr. Great Pumpkin how do you reply to reports that you advocate cutting and Self-injury???
Caption: News Flash: Pumpkin Cutting on the Rise

Answer this for BP Hope - How do you navigate the dating scene with bipolar?

As some may know, (look out I'm about to toot my own horn), on Wednesdays I'm an ambassador blogger at BP Hope Magazine.  This week I gave my own little twist on Dating with Bipolar. BP Hope is looking for your dating experiences.  Just answer "THE Question" and submit it to the editor and you may be included in the magazine's SOUND OFF section in the upcoming issue.  There is a deadline, so hurry up and make up a fake boyfriend or girlfriend, no... I mean share your real dating stories.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

BP Hope Magazine for Bipolar – Keeping You Above the Curve

Joe: Yo... Franky... Looky here, BP Hope Magazine says prolonged use of you "MIGHT' stunt your growth!!!

Originally Post ©2011BP Hope Magazine launched in the Fall of 2004 and is a "healthy living magazine."  They have been Keeping You Above the Curve by bringing cutting edge Bipolar disorder news. Published quarterly (4 issues per year) filled with interviews of peers "famous and ordinary."  Yet, I've never met an "ordinary" peer... they are all extraordinary!
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Writing For BP HOPE

Chato's Daughter: LOOK Daddy! That Genie is out of his bottle... And He likes Ice Cream too!

A New columnist at BP Hope.  In his latest article in this issue of the magazine, he talks about a friend that he lost touch with only to find out his friend finally fell victim to his illness and took his own life!

This story resonated with me personally. I have a friend that I am afraid is on the same path.  I'm reaching out to her, but I keep missing her.  I'm worried I will see her name in the obituaries before I can finally talk with her.  Reading Bruce's article gave me some sound advice and suggestions that I am going to apply.  I know in the end, there is nothing that will stop her down this path of destruction if she doesn't want help.  But I feel I need to at least try.
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