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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Fishing for Truth…Godfather Style

Earthquake, and Tsunami, and Meltdown Oh, My!
By Chato B. Stewart

[3 fish in images - one with a bicycle pump]

Snitch Carp: I'm Begging... Paulie... I won't tell a sole! [Balloon tied to his tail fin]

Third Fish : (pumping up balloon)

Fish Don: No... No Ya's won't... Cuz you's gonna be Flyin' wid' Da BIRDS!!!
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Armchair Diagnosis

Woman: Do you really think I have a problem?

Armchair: Oh, yes, for sure! You’re a paranoid schizophrenic, with psychotic tendencies. I’m also picking up Depression an a little OCD & BPD...

Title: Armchair Diagnosis
On a more serious note, I want to share with you an excellent blog post By Ronald Pies, M.D. entitled, The Arizona Shootings: A Recurrent American Tragedy.

The post highlights the real link between mental illness and violence in a balanced perspective. While I read it I got the idea for this cartoon.  But don't let that detract away from the seriousness of what happened in Arizona.
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