Consumer: Why is it that no matter where I go I have to WAIT?

Consumer: At the bank, at the store, at the deli, the doctors, I WAIT! I am made to WAIT & WAIT, All The time it’s the Same!

Mental Health Nurse: O.K. here are today’s meds. Sorry about the WAIT?

Consumer: NO, no... I’m sick of having to wait! YOU wait till I’m ready!

Consumer: Hello? Hello? How long do I have to be in HERE??

Mental Health Nurse: You’ll just have to WAIT & WAIT & WAIT!

Door Sign: Lock Down

Title: Mental Note: Psych Ward is for Waiting for Patience, Not Patients
Drawing  this cartoon I was channeling my time I spent in the Crisis Stabilization Unit back in March of 2008. The events of this cartoon reflect a bit of reality since the psych ward had a small room known as a "lockdown" room.
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