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Chato B Stewart

Words Of The Wisdomless: Life Quotes To Live By

"Never be afraid to ask for help."  This is important in life and  is one of Chato's Life Quotes To Live By: Words Of The Wisdomless: Life - "If you wish you could do it all over again... then, you didn't learn a thing!" I find I learn more from my failures then by my successes.  It's like my own recovery,  each time I fail I am able to avoid that trigger or situation the next time around.  I guess you could say, my recovery is made up on nothing but failures. Here is a few more Life Quotes To Live By. Words Of The Wisdomless: Candy - "Fill your candy jars with your failures so when you succeed you can taste how sweet is victory." Words Of The Wisdomless: Recovery "I will concentrate on my own recovery, always moving ahead no matter how many small steps forward it takes! Although, if you want to give me a ride on your back, that'll work too."
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Mid-Night Insanity

Words Of The Wisdomless: Words

If I tell you that your value as a person is priceless, but you believe that to be valueless, then what I say becomes worthless words.

So, today, and every day, we need to truly think of how we see ourselves, then tell ourselves "we are worth more then that." I'll go first: pond scum. I am more valuable than pond Your turn!

-  Chato...
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Chato B Stewart

[Not Quite] Midnight Madness: 9 Quotes of Chato B. Stewart’s Words Of The Wisdomless

Words Of The Widsomless: Monday, Monday: Monday is the day to start all over again, it's a clean slate, new beginning, a fresh start... Oh GOD I HATE MONDAYS! -*- Words Of the Wisdomless:- Smart Goals "It is better to make goals you CAN'T reach than NOT to make any goal at all! At least you'll be thinking of doing something, and that is ALWAYS better then doing nothing all. Now, that is smart goal setting."
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Midnight Madness: Six Quotes of Chato B. Stewart’s Words Of The Wisdomless

Words Of The Wisdomless: Keep Moving "Do not take love for granted, no matter how much we want to hate ourselves, or no matter how much we want to give up... There is always someone out there that will love you... For me, they love for me to leave." -*- Words Of the Wisdomless: A Penny for your Thought On days that are gloomy and full of uncertainties, I find what works best is to get 100 pennies and drop them around me. This way while I work through problems, I can keep my Cents about me.
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Pear to Pear Support: End to Start October

Words of the Wisdomless: End to Start: "It's only at the end we find a new beginning.  Since everything ends and everything begins then why bother starting only to finish and have to start all over... It's bit redundant to me." It's October in just a short few hours away. Gosh, I wish I had something inspiring to say but that is not the mood I'm in right now.  Let me share with you one of my favorite cartoons.  It's good for days like today when you're feeling like things are NOT going right. 
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2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Medication Mind Games: Red ROVER, Red Rover [New Cartoon]

Did you play "Red Rover, Red Rover" as a child?  I know I did!  If you are not sure what this game is then this cartoon will make no sense to you.  Let me explain the rule of the game... Umm, no, let me summarize it instead.  Two groups of children on opposing sides form a wall linking their hands.  Then one calls someone on the other side to run through the wall yelling... RED ROVER...RED ROVER... send (name) right over! If they can't break the link, then they become part of the opposing wall. Well back in late January, I got an e-mail from one of my readers asking if I can "create a cartoon that says "Bipolar, Bipolar..let Sanity come over." I got that from the child's game. "Red Rover, Red Rover...let Susie come over."  I told this reader (who asked to be anonymous) that I will try... I was not sure how to convey this reader's concept, so I mixed it up and ADDED my own twist including a huge ProZac Pill. 
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Road To Recovery

Words Of The Wisdomless: Nothing More

Words Of The Wisdomless: Nothing More -

“A mental illness relapse is nothing more then a period of time that just didn’t go right. It’s nothing more to worry about, nothing more then a detour on the road to recovery.  All we need to do… is get back on our road and nothing more.” – By Chato B. Stewart How true.  We are on a journey... Yes, our destination might not be as tangible as visiting Paris for the summer; it is a destination nevertheless!  Living with any type of psychological disorder is like getting an open-end traveling ticket.  We know -- we want to go to recovery but how to get there is just not mapped out yet.
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Mental Health Humor is PSYCHED to be at Psych Central!

I am so PSYCHED to be at Psych Central!  But with all networks, there is a transition period.  To some "Chato B. Stewart" and the "Mental Health Humor" cartoons are new. The first knee jerk reaction is who in the hell would make fun of people with mental illness!!! What a Jerk!!!  I agree 100%!!! Fortunately, that is not what I'm all about.  My goal is to use humor as a health coping mechanism.  I truly believe humor is the best medicine.  Yet, we all have varying taste when it comes to our own sense of humor.  That is why I have my "Warning" above. My mission is NOT to laugh at my peers but rather with them.   Here is a good example of BAD mental health health humor written by my Blog Buddie, Alicia Sparks, on her Psych Central blog, Celebrity Psyching. While Reviewing the movie,  Observe And Report, she asks the question, "Does The Mental Health Humor Cross A Line?"
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Mental Health Humor is now at Psych Central – There Goes the Neighborhood


The Mental Health Humor blog is not intended to stigmatize! While viewing the content of the blog, understand it is meant to be positive! Yet, we cannot please every one. If you find humor about mental illness offensive, then please do not view the blog.

First, I would like to thank John Grohol, Psy.D. for being brave enough to  bring me here to Psych Central!  I've always known my Mental Health Humor cartoons belonged here and now I think I've found a real home!
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