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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

The Start of Mental Health Month – and I’m So Depressed!!!

I knew it was going to hit me. I was preparing for it early in April. I could feel it coming on stronger, holding longer, tightening its grip…What am I talking about…DEPRESSION!
You know as a mental health advocate, I wish I could say I am cured, 100% in recession with my bipolar. I have mild symptoms and some more severe. My bipolar cycles typically quarterly. With medications and therapy, I have not had to deal with major bouts of depression or hypomania for quite some time. It’s there, the depression is always present. Many of its byproducts: low self-esteem, self-hate, and loathing remain present constantly. It’s something that I deal with on a day to day, step-by-step, inch by inch, minute by minute (at times) basis.
Usually, I can work around my symptoms and can be quite creative at the same time...sometimes all I want to do is just lay in bed and hide myself away from the world. That’s when I take my little tablet with me…
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Road To Recovery

September 11 Remembered

It's been almost a decade since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, taking the lives of nearly 3,000 people.  Countless more were added to that number suffering from the after-effects; from early stages of cancer effecting first responders to those dealing with the toxic clean-up afterward.

The emotional tragedies from PTSD cannot be overlooked, neither can the suicides connected in many ways to that day.

I did cartoons for the window cleaning industry and I was at my drawing table when it happened.  As the second tower fell, so did my heart.  It would be almost 7 years before I would pick up that pencil once again.  So, every year, I take time to remember that tragedy and I place my pencil down to do that!
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2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Medication Mind Games: Red ROVER, Red Rover [New Cartoon]

Did you play "Red Rover, Red Rover" as a child?  I know I did!  If you are not sure what this game is then this cartoon will make no sense to you.  Let me explain the rule of the game... Umm, no, let me summarize it instead.  Two groups of children on opposing sides form a wall linking their hands.  Then one calls someone on the other side to run through the wall yelling... RED ROVER...RED ROVER... send (name) right over! If they can't break the link, then they become part of the opposing wall.

Well back in late January, I got an e-mail from one of my readers asking if I can "create a cartoon that says "Bipolar,
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Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Dr. Bob Bob – Peer to Peer Group

Originally posted August 25, 2008, this cartoon was considered a bit harsh, but, that's kind of the point with Dr. Bob Bob...being off the wall of reason, making you think a little about this subject.  Once again, the doctor was changing his look too... Here we see his head shaped more like a pear to fit the gag of a Peer to Peer group.  Yet, again Doc Bob Bob mangles up his perception of a peer group to convey his twisted ideals.
I posted this from the hotel in Tampa where I was able to bring my family to a much needed “working” or “studying” vacation.  I was just starting the first day of Recovery Peer Specialist training.
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Road To Recovery

Words Of The Wisdomless: Nothing More

Words Of The Wisdomless: Nothing More -

“A mental illness relapse is nothing more then a period of time that just didn’t go right. It’s nothing more to worry about, nothing more then a detour on the road to recovery.  All we need to do… is get back on our road and nothing more.” – By Chato B. Stewart

How true.  We are on a journey... Yes, our destination might not be as tangible as visiting Paris for the summer; it is a destination nevertheless!  Living with any type of psychological disorder is like getting an open-end traveling ticket.  We know -- we want to go to recovery but how to get there is just not mapped out yet.
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