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Mindfulness: Clear your Mind

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


t2013 Mental Health Humor - Mindfulness Clear your Mind  Chato Stewart


 Caption: Mindfulness Clear your Mind

I wish I was that good at mindfulness, to be able to just wipe away everything like clicking a delete button, then focus on nothing.  I can do it, but it’s normally due to medications and I black out and sleep. Nothing mind full in sleep like that, more like mind-void.  It’s not relaxing or comforting it just like a light switch… Off then on…


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Sunday Silly: An Emotion – Anniversary Gift – Romantic Setting

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Facebook Friend Suggested It and Chato Stewart Drew It -

Sunday Silly Cartoon:
On Saturday, I asked my Facebook Friends to give me 3 concepts for our Sunday silly cartoon:

1. An emotion
2. Traditional and modern anniversary gifts
3. Romantic setting

NOTE: February 10, 1991 -

Today’s Sunday Silly has a lot more meaning to it then just silliness. It was 22 years ago that I asked Joan Winifred to marry me.  And she said YES! I have proof, we got it on video. I will upload it someday (when i find it).

That being said I want to Thank my Facebook collaborators for today’s Sunday Silly: Lizzie M (indecisive) and Nancy F (candles).

2013 Mental Health Humor - some anniversary gifts are not meant to be together - Chato Stewart

Gold Fish: I just don’t know if it could EVER work between us? But I can’t take my eyes off you.Caption: some anniversary gifts are not meant to be together
 Tune in next Sunday for our next Sunday Silly. Make sure you friend me on Facebook to join in the fun.


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Mental Health Humor Cartoons

2013 Mental Health Humor - some anniversary gifts are not meant to be together - Chato Stewarttalented Headshrinker psychiatrist

Five Spring and Mental Health Facts

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Spring its Mother Nature's Anti-depressant

Title: Spring, it’s Mother Nature’s Anti-Depressant

The Last 6 Mental health Humor Cartoons

Mental Health humor super moonMental Health humor manic window cleaning

earthquake-and-tsunami-and-meltdown-oh-mySilver Lining Cloud

Five Spring and Mental Health Facts
1. Without Spring agoraphobics would not have a good reason to leave the house.

2. Without Spring psychiatrists could not diagnosis Seasonal affective disorder.

3. Spring is the only time during the year we can blame our problems on that Damn Vernal Equinox!

4. Spring causes more irrational thinking then any other time of the year. It is blamed for more HOT girls dating some real sketchy and weird or Nerdy men. (Side Point: Guys now is the time to ask out that hot chic in your group!)

5. It’s the only time of the year we Depressed people can remember to take our Spring Showers.

These are not real facts… They are based on my own conclusions from years of observation. They have not been, nor should they EVER be reviewed by any professionals in fear that they just might agree with me.


Do you need help with paranoia? Make a FREE Trust List sheet PDF file: FREE – The …

Every Parent Does It!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

What is that disorder called when we make our kids dress like us love

Caption: What is that disorder called when we make our kids dress like us? … Love!

Parenting Style Quiz - New!
What’s your parenting style? Are you more democratic or authoritative? Is your style more strict or lenient?

Every parent does it! I don’t know who first started it.  Seems like an unwritten rule that sooner or later, one time or another, you MUST dress your child to look exactly and precisely the same as you!

The same clothes, outfit, uniform, suit or dress or whatever the mother or father is wearing.  Come on parents, admit it, we’ve all done it!  Why?  Why do we put our children through it?  Are we worried people won’t believe they are our children unless they look “exactly” like us?  Or is it some type of safety plan in case they get separated from us?… Whatever the case,  I think it boils down to one thing… LOVE!

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