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Does Alcohol Push A Person Towards Riskier Behavior?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

1526_MentalHealthHumor- Ambiguity Aversion Alchol smBox: Bottles of Ambiguity Aversions
Whisky: Bottle product #1|Looking Good|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Vodka: Bottle product #1|ANGST|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Rum: Bottle product #1|I Can Drive|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Caption:Discovery! Researchers find alcohol spikes risky behavior in guys…really?
Drunk Driving OR Just Buzzed Driving
Drinking and driving – it almost killed my brother. I know many people who have very tragic stories because someone thought they were okay to drive.  Maybe we have all been there at one point or another…most guys who have a few beers with friends to watch a game know what I mean. You have a brew, then two, another at halftime and one with the pizza. You talk about the game, maybe you have a fantasy league going…Whatever and before the game is done, you might have downed a six pack. You’re “NOT DRUNK“… You’re definitely buzzed…What do you do?  Take a cab  – sleep it off or shrug off the idea that you’re impaired in any way and drive home.

Top 5 Favorite 2014 Depression Cartoons

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Top 5 Favorite 2014 Depression Cartoons

Here are Mental Health Humor’s top 5 cartoons about depression.

1407-MentalHealthHumor- Medicastion Causing Depression and weight gain-Psychological-Disorders-Cartoons-Chato-Stewart

Top 5 Favorite 2014 Depression Cartoons1413-MentalHealthHumor-depression-tiger-Psychological-Disorders-Cartoons-Chato-Stewart

Top 5 Favorite 2014 Depression Cartoons1424 MentalHealthHumor-Super Mario Bros Depression Treatment-Disorders-Cartoons-Chato-Stewart

Could My Sleep Issues Be Part of A Psychiatric Disorder #positive6

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

The Family Stew
Clock: 2:06 AM

Precious DJ: I call him Bob…
Belly AJ: DAD!
Luke Bartholomew: DAD! SHE HAS MY GAME!
Sweet Pea BB: [running away with video game]
Chato B Stewart: [sleeping with air plugs]
Caption: How do I get my ZZZ’s: Air plugs, Ambien and the melodious songs of my children.

Back to School: 5 Tips to Help the depressing Life of Grade-Schooler…

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

9B Pencil: Look at’em in their glass house… Oblivious to their new reality.
Caption: The depressing Life of grade-schooler pencils
5 Tips to Help the Depressing Life of Grade-Schooler…PENCILS!

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