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Top 10 Mental Health Humor Cartoon Posts of 2013 (Part1)

This 3 part Top 10 Mental Health Humor Cartoon Post of 2013 is based on the last 12 months of Google Analytics for 2013 blog posts only. Instead of just listing the 10 most popular posts, I thought I would have a bit of fun and let you into some of the thoughts and reasons I drew the cartoons. I might tell you about something you might of missed or looked at in a different way, or maybe you will get the joke, or realize it's not funny... whatever the case you will read Chato's Notes.

Here are Four of  the TOP 10 Mental Health Humor Cartoon blog posts for 2013:
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* Mental Health Humor

How To Quickly Defuse Angry Outbursts With Confusion

Do You Belong in Anger Management Therapy?
If you have "anger issues," then getting the right type of help may be what can bring joy to your days or make you a less-grumpy fun-less person that people just want to avoid.

Studies show 2 Out of 8 Men Have Uncontrolled Anger Issues, it doesn't fair much better for women.  We are about equal, however, men seem prone to more vocal "outbursts" of anger.  Women tend to internalize anger to some degree, which does not mean woman and men don't express anger outbursts totally differently. With some men, the point when yelling turns to physical altercation is shorter then with some woman.
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2012 Mental health Humor Cartoons

NEW Link Between Anger and Anxiety

Mental Health Humor Cartoon by Chato Stewart
Chato Stewart: I Found the connection between Anger and Anxiety!!!  They BOTH start with “AN”! That Makes mefearfully mad!Text: {Anger and Anxiety}Caption: The Link Between Anger and Anxiety
Link Between Anger and Anxiety?
I could not help thinking about this...
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2012 Mental health Humor Cartoons

Do You Belong in Anger Management Therapy?

Anger is one of the most explosive emotions we humans have in our repertoire of feelings. How we handle anger says a lot about who we are as people.

Do we get mad and basically blow the top of our heads off, yelling and screaming like a banshee* to blow off steam? Or do we hold it inside and let it build up till one day we implode? Yes, I truly believe there are two types of angry people...Explosive and implosive!
It's like in the 2003 Adam Sandler movie "Anger Management," when Dr. Buddy Rydell (played by Jack Nicholson) says:
"Dave, there are two kinds of angry people in this world: explosive and implosive. Explosive, which is the most common, is the type of individual you see screaming at a grocery store cashier for not taking his coupon. Implosive, the least common, is the cashier at the store who remains quiet at his job day after day until he then finally loses it and just shoots everyone in the store. You're the cashier." 
Both types of anger have devastating affects on our mental and physical health. Many atrocities have occurred while in the grips of an angry rage. Therefore, controlling our anger is not just about bringing us peace of mind; it can also have long-lasting health benefits.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Fishing for Truth…Godfather Style

Earthquake, and Tsunami, and Meltdown Oh, My!
By Chato B. Stewart

[3 fish in images - one with a bicycle pump]

Snitch Carp: I'm Begging... Paulie... I won't tell a sole! [Balloon tied to his tail fin]

Third Fish : (pumping up balloon)

Fish Don: No... No Ya's won't... Cuz you's gonna be Flyin' wid' Da BIRDS!!!
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2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Recognizing If You’re STRESSED OUT!!

Recognizing Stress
Americans are STRESSED OUT!!

Many of us, young and old, are under “extreme” stress. In our household of two parents and four kids, at times the stress level gets pretty high!!

A recent article in our local paper said: “the American psychological Association conducted 1, 134 adults ages 18 or older from Aug. 3 to Aug. 27, including 100 adults who were parents of children ages 8 to 17.  In addition to the national sample, the association surveyed another 937 adult parents. The report also includes the results of another online survey from Aug. 19 to Aug 24 of 1, 136 young people ages 8 to 17. The survey found that a majority of Americans are living with “moderate” stress, which is a stress level of four to seven on a scale of one to 10.”
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2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Mental Health Service Dogs

Dog Owner:Yah... My old lady got me this service dog. SHE said he’ll FIT right into our Family!

Dog: Rowr Snarl

Title: Mental Health Service Dogs
The mental health benefits of companion animals isn’t a novel idea. In the fall issue of Esperanaza magazine, the focus is to give hope to cope with anxiety and depression . One of the articles is about
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2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

2 Out of 8 Men Have Uncontrolled Anger Issues… Can You Pick Them Out?

Dealing with anger is an important part of recovery.  Since anger is associated with most, if not all, mental health disorders, how we deal with it can effect our treatment plan.

We need to understand anger issues, this is the example in today's Mental Health Humor Psychology Cartoons.  NOT all angry people are "obviously" mad and angry all the time!  We my fall into the category of Mild or Serious Anger Issues; where we may struggle not to lose our temper daily, but can go from cold to hot tempered in a flash!
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Anger and Rage

My Wife, My Love, My Trigger

I received this comment on the post Five Steps to Overcoming Anger by W. Robert Nay, PhD. I was quoting the doctor's 5 steps. Then, I added my own twist with a few of my past cartoons.
You make overcoming anger seem easy. When my spouse gets angry he gets loud and in my face, grabs me. I always keep a calm voice but it doesn’t seem to calm him down. I tell him to walk away and he won’t. He keeps repeating and belittleing me , our conversation gets nowhere. HELP - Comment on "Five Steps to Overcoming Anger" post.

I replied:
W. Robert Nay, PhD wrote the five steps. I quoted him and added my cartoons.

I deal with rage and anger issues. When I snap, I get to a point where it is dangerous. I’ve never put a hand on my wife, but when I would yell, it would get scary… and that is putting it mildly.

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