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Are You an Engineer of Emotional Walls or Bridges?

Mental Health Humor Build Mental walls or bridges by Chato Stewart
Emotional Wall:

You Make Me Sick!
Do No Enter
Leave Me Alone
I want to Die!
You're Ugly
I don't want you here
Get away from me!
I'm Fine!
Why are you Still here?
I hate me
No One Loves me

Caption: “I'm an Engineer of emotional walls”

If you are not into building or being an...
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Affirmations of the Depressed

The Hygiene of Depression… It Stinks

Husband: we seem to have a surplus of hygiene products… Is there something you're not telling me? Wife: Go Away! Title: Depression Really Stinks

The Hygiene of Depression... It Stinks

It is no secret that the last thing you want to do when you're depressed is get out of bed. I could be embedded to my bed. Yes, we joke sometimes that the first clue friends, caregivers or even our doctors might have to determine if we're depressed is our hygiene. The smellier we are... the more depressed we may seem to be... a stereotypical analogy just stinks. I think, it's a little bit of a misnomer.   f a person really cared about us, they should've been able to figure out that we were depressed long before they realize we have not bought new hygiene products in quite a while.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons


Man: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF Depression 1. Thou shalt Certainly not wait for you to tell me I'm depressed, before I get help. 2. Thou shalt Have to avoid cooking or using sharp objects. 3. Thou shalt Avoid coveting all your Facebook Friends. 4. Thou Shalt Shower at least once a week! Title: Affirmations of the Depressed A few years ago, I wrote my own 10 Commandments for bipolar disorder. I did this after reading someone else's negative and distorted stigmatic list of commandments that degraded people living with bipolar disorder! It wasn't funny, so I figured I would add a little reality and balance to that list and wrote my own, posting it on one of my blogs back in 2007. I thought it was funny and a little educational. There have been many types of 10 Commandments lists for all sorts of things besides bipolar disorder. Since then, I've seen that list show up on a dozen or more websites and blogs.
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