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Do You Have the Tools to Access Inner Mental Power?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Is there power in your mind? How did it get there, was it from what you read or what you have seen? Do you have the tools to access inner Mental Power? Think for a second and honestly reflect on the idea of being able to understand what you read to the point that you can accurately act on it till you have a successful outcome.

Okay, think about it this way, when was the last time you put together a Ikea BESTÅ TV storage combo entertainment center with sliding doors only to have left over screws or an extra “thing-a-ma-jig”?! Be honest, did you read the instructions first and then went to work on the project never to reference the instructions again? Or did you read and reread them over and over to make sure you’re putting together the project right, or are you like me, look at the box and just start putting it together without any manual except the picture on the box?Mental Powers or Mental Plans
Charlie: I wonder why he is always happy? I wonder if I need to worry?
Caption: Mental Powers or Mental Plans

Access Inner Mental Power

When you use your mind to do puzzles you are in fact using your mental powers. The amount of “POWER” you have can depend on many different factors. We can look at the use of mental powers the same as mental health. We need to have the right tools to accomplish our goal. Our goal is balance and recovery. True recovery can’t happen if we just give our “mental issues” one glance over and think we know how to fix it.  We can’t have a “thing-a-ma-jig” left over in our recovery.
Do you have the tools to access inner Mental Power? I think, we all kind of fall into three …

JUNE: Positive Change Challenge

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Yes, I know I’m a bit late on this, but I still wanted to share the June DBSA “Positive Six Campaign” challenge with you. There is still time to be part of it. This cartoon is the second of six I’ve been commissioned to draw for the +6 campaign via my other cartoon series The Family Stew.

Here I am working on getting over my negative talk.

Positive Change Challenge - Negative self-talk plus6 - by Chato Stewart smJUNE: Positive Change Challenge

Incorporate two (+2) positive habits into your routine this month. Drink more water, be diligent about getting 8 hours of sleep, eliminate negative self-talk, etc. Small steps can lead to big changes in how you feel…physically and emotionally!

2012 Mental Health Humor - Positive Change Challenge - Negative self-talk plus6 - by Chato Stewart 455

Weight-Loss: Mind – Body and Cannibalism (Part 3)

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Chato and the bottle of Slender GR 150In the last two blog posts, I talked about getting our mind and our body conditioned to a weight loss program –  NOT a diet. Everyone has been “going green” these days. You may think going green is about helping to save the world and the environment.

But for my purposes, I’m going green. Yes, I’m going green like asparagus and broccoli only so I can eat them up! If we want to lose weight and maintain a healthy mind and body, we need to do one thing… EAT LIVING FOOD!

I’ve been reading a new book from author Harvey Diamond. He is co-author of the international best seller, Fit For Life, which transformed the world’s understanding of healthy living – not to mention, sold over 13 million copies. Harvey Diamond’s new book, Eat For Life, has helped me look at food differently. Mr. Diamond refers to two types of food groups; not proteins, not fats, not dairy and not starches. No, he makes it so simple that even I can understand it…two categories: Living and Dead!

You want to lose weight…feel better…have more energy and live a long, HEALTHY life? Eat more living FOOD then DEAD food! – Eat For Life

Weight-Loss: Cannibalism
I’m working on replacing 40% to 50% of my meals with raw-living-food! I believe this process is helping me. Besides, did you ever see an obese Cannibal? I was so encouraged after I shared my weight-loss goals on Facebook that Harvey Diamond himself commented on my progresses:

“Hey Chato, sounds like you’re doing really great and have a fabulous attitude (always important). So happy for you–I wish you continued success.

Is Bipolar Vision clouding your sight?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011


Originally Posted on http://blogs.psychcentral.com/humor YOU need permission use ©2011

Is Bipolar Vision Clouding Your Sight?

Is Bipolar Vision clouding your sight?

We need to be wise and make the right choice in our recovery. That does not mean to just follow the crowd, we need to be prudent. I was listening to a talk this past weekend and he used an illustration that made me think that it works well with our recovery.

Although this story is an illustration and more of a cautionary tale that has a good message.

Once upon a time there were all these animals that lived in the forest. So the story will help us so we can be wise to make the right decision and to understand the principle.

Once upon a time there were all these animals that lived together in the forest. There was Mr. Fox, Mrs. Squirrel, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Deer, Mrs. Pig and then there was Mr. Lion.

Well the Lion said to himself I’m getting older now and I just can’t run as fast as I used to. I think I’ll have a party and invite the other animals to my home so that’s what he did. He invited Mr. Fox, Mrs. Squirrel, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Deer, Mrs. Pig to his home for party.

Well the Lion had his party but he noticed that Mr. Fox didn’t come. So he said to himself I know I’ll wait a little while and I’ll have another party. Sure enough, he did and he invited many different animals from the woods and some of them came and again Mr. Fox didn’t come. The Lion is getting really puzzled. The Lion goes ahead and tries one more time, so he has another party an invited different animals from the woods and they come.  But, for the third time Mr. Fox doesn’t come, so The Lion is really puzzled now!

So, some time passes and he sees Mr. Fox from a distance and he says,

“Mr. Fox I had three different parties at my home and you haven’t come to any one …

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