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Thursday, December 13th, 2012

With all the medications I take I would have tummy troubles. Even before that I could not eat many foods without dealing with some major heartburn, or bloating, indigestion, stinky gas (hey? what? gas isn’t stinky?), constipation, and yes, the dreaded diarrhea! It got so bad I was carrying around every sort of over- the- counter antacid I could find.

If I was stressed then nothing would work. I pretty much gave up.  Then a few years ago, a local company Enzymedica sponsored me to get a DBSA conference.  Along with the sponsorship, I got a few bottles of Digest Gold. It’s a digestive enzyme. The enzymes sat in my medicine cabinet for about 3 months until one day I was so sick to my tummy I thought, I need to go to the ER. It was a bad case of IBS. I do not like going to the ER, like most guys I thought, I would just tough it out.  All I knew was I took a few capsules and within an hour I felt good.  The pain stopped and I was not running to the bathroom.

What the heck was this Digest Gold stuff and WHY did I wait to try it?!  In short, it’s a dietary digestive supplement that’s all natural. Turns out to be the number 1 selling digestive Enzyme in America. That was not so impressive to me. Instead I was more impressed with the results! I did my own test with it to see how it works. I called it MY- 3-worst-foods-i -can-eat-to-gaurantee-i’ll-have-heartburn Test! The foods are pepperoni pizza, chopped light tuna, and peanut butter which all give me acid reflex… if I eat them by themselves… BUT, I ate them all within one hour. NO, I did not make a pizza, tuna and peanut-butter sandwich…What was the result?  IT WORKED! (Research shows Enzymes are important to health and I would suggest you do your own personal research on the benefits.) 

I’ve used their product ever since. Now my whole family takes these all natural digestive enzymes. TODAY, I WANT TO GIVE BACK. Because I know over the next 3 weeks …

Over-Medicated: Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals – Why YOU Should Be Worried

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Over-Medicated Mental Health Humor - Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals tic tac - by Chato Stewart

Medication Bottles: [Painting Tic-Tacs half blue to look like pills and medication capsules.]

Caption: Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals!

Should you be worried that your Pharmaceuticals are counterfeit? Are your SSRI’s…”SSR-NOTS”?!  The FDA has seen an increase of medication fakes hitting our shores lately.  While most are not psychotropics or common meds for Bipolar, Depression or Anxiety, it does make one wonder and worry (a cause for real concern.)

A worthy topic for discussion: Do you know, for sure, the pills you swallow are not sugar pills? Or worse…a watered-down, weaker version of much-needed medication?!

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