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International Symbol of Peace Updated

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Mental Health Humor Cartoon by Chato Stewart
In my last blog post “Share The International Symbol of Peace” a few people were confused with my red international symbol of peace design/ T-shirt.  A few people thought how could Target (their logo is a red bull’s-eye) bring peace on earth?  Well, the truth is I wasn’t even thinking of Target when I made the design, but I now can see how someone could get confused.  So I updated the design to be black and white with a red center bull’s-eye.  Now that I have had to explain the joke a little more I’m not sure if it’ll be as funny as it was when I first thought of it.  Nonetheless I felt obligatory to address the idea that I Chato Stewart would ever plagiarize another business or enterprise in order to get a cheap laugh… HA! I laugh in your general direction! I’ll be back!


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Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Mental Health Humor Frosty the ADD ADHD snowman

Haunted House Psycho Asylum or KKK – Which Perpetrates more Hate Crime?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Advertising sign: Psycho Asylum Haunted House $2.50 per person – family fun -October 3 31Ku Klux Klan member: Hey friend, can I get a light?Caption: Discrimination Comes In Many Forms

Disenfranchised, I really think, maybe that’s the emotional feeling I have right now…Disillusioned! I care so much about the discrimination and the stigmatization of People living with serious mental health issues that it sickens me–it’s ALWAYS associated with Halloween. It is the worst holiday ever conceived! In fact, it’s the one holiday that anyone living with or caring for someone with a mental illness should boycott and not celebrate whatsoever! Why? Not because it’s a Celtic and Anglo-Saxon ritualistic festival that honors Samhain, the Celtic lord of the dead or any other false religious idea concerning this holiday. No, the only reason you and I need is how Halloween is more associated with crazy, blood-lusting, psychopaths than any other holiday that I know of which is celebrated.  Forget the day of the dead, it’s now the day of the stigma.

In this cartoon above, I try to convey two thoughts. One viewing on racial discrimination (racism), and the second on the discrimination conveyed towards people with mental illness. Both, hands down are wrong but when you throw it into a holiday with some tasty/nice candy, goodies that makes it okay?!… GO CRAZY, in good, Wholesome family fun making stigmatizing the mentally ill. When you put it that why then I guess, it’s okay to create a haunted house/mental health psychotic asylum.

You may look at this from a different point of view than mine. Thinking well, it’s all in good fun, this haunted house for Halloween even though the background is a “psycho asylum.” Sure– it’s stigmatic, sure– it’s discriminatory, sure– it’s scary, and by rights, it should be…right? EVERYONE wants to live next to people with mental illness?

Halloween conveys a stigmatic, disgusting idea that people with mental illness are nothing more than Psychopathic killers and murderers only worthy of being …

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