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Is It Delusional or Narcissistic To Want To Be Happy?

Depression: OMG, Like We're Twinsies!
Caption: You Found happiness? Grab it! Never let it go! Even when sadness comes.
The Family Stew
Is It Delusional or Narcissistic To Want To Be Happy?
Is it delusional or narcissistic to want to be happy? and Believe I deserve to be happy? (That part, may be, He is a bit delusional!) If I was a narcissist, I would be so overly self-deluded and self-involved i would not have any time to try and help any others. So I would never draw...
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* Mental Health Humor

Are You an Engineer of Emotional Walls or Bridges?

Mental Health Humor Build Mental walls or bridges by Chato Stewart
Emotional Wall:

You Make Me Sick!
Do No Enter
Leave Me Alone
I want to Die!
You're Ugly
I don't want you here
Get away from me!
I'm Fine!
Why are you Still here?
I hate me
No One Loves me

Caption: “I'm an Engineer of emotional walls”

If you are not into building or being an...
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* Mental Health Humor

Is Your Depression And Bipolar Medication Harming You?

Depression medication Bottle: Get him, get him Good!
Caption: Do your depression meds harm you?

In this Over-Medicated Mental Health Humor cartoon, we look at some pro's and con's of taking meds in this over-medicated and over-diagnosed world we find ourselves in.  This is no joke. There are many long lasting side-effects. The worst on both sides of the issue is DEATH.

There are many valid reasons for not taking medication. There are many valid personal reasons that could be as simple as "I...
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* Mental Health Humor

Death and Taxes

Caption: Death and Taxes
"Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes."
 Chato's Mental Health Humor Cartoon notes: While I was rushing to the post office today on April 15th to get my stuff  stamped.  Sending it Certified Mail with...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Does Alcohol Push A Person Towards Riskier Behavior?

Box: Bottles of Ambiguity Aversions
Whisky: Bottle product #1|Looking Good|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Vodka: Bottle product #1|ANGST|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Rum: Bottle product #1|I Can Drive|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Caption:Discovery! Researchers find alcohol spikes risky behavior in guys...really?
Drunk Driving OR Just Buzzed Driving
Drinking and driving - it almost killed my brother. I know many people who have very tragic stories because someone thought they were okay to drive.  Maybe we have all been there at one point or another...most guys who have a few beers with friends to watch a game know what I mean. You have a brew, then two, another at halftime and one with the pizza. You talk about the game, maybe you have a fantasy league going...Whatever and before the game is done, you might have downed a six pack. You're "NOT DRUNK"... You're definitely buzzed...What do you do?  Take a cab  - sleep it off or shrug off the idea that you're impaired in any way and drive home.
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