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by Chato B. Stewart
July 5, 2010

Man In the Mirror.

Sometimes I might be the clown and life of a party, but inside I’m just down and depressed!!  I, like most people with Bipolar and other mental illnesses, know how to put on a good show an wear many masks.

Man in the mirror is fooling the fool

Chato’s Exercise Program

Yes, Exercise is very important.  Yet, many of our meds make it hard to loose weight and can make us gain weight. (see: Which Came First — Obesity or Depression?? and [part 2] )

Here I’m showing you the extent of my work out… You know, there are many times I’m working too hard on my mental health to be worried about my physical health… That is why it became such a vicious cycle… “I’m depressed so I eat and I eat cause I’m depressed.”

Good Mental Health It’s More Then Just A Pill




Mental Health

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