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1517_MentalHealthHumor-mental health love or lust smStrawberry: “!”
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry: I thought she was “THE ONE” then I found her warming up the chocolate fondue fountian.
Caption: Is Your Relationship Based on Love or Lust?

My Relationship: Love, Lust or Chocolate?

Riddle: What gift costs nothing to buy, becomes priceless when given?  If you’re thinking chocolate you’re almost right: since 98% of the world LOVES chocolate!  The other 2% have not tasted it, yet. The Answer is: LOVE.

So, how do you know if you are in love or not?! Psych Central has just the quiz to help you out.  Well, maybe, the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry in my Mental Health Humor cartoon can offer some help, too. I think it could shed some light on a few things that could be worked on. Such as: how I can get more peanut butter into my chocolate…That is my weakness for chocolate candy…I can say NO! No! No! a thousand times to chocolate candy bars.  But you add peanut butter, my knees buckle and I give in… I love it.

I Know that has nothing to do with a real relationship…OR does it???  I guess, you will have to take the quiz to find out.

Do I have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship?

My results say:  You have a Love Relationship 40


If you scored… You may have a…
60 & up
51 – 59
31 – 50
22 – 30
0 – 21
Lust relationship
Lust/love relationship
Love relationship
Love/loser relationship
Loser relationship

You’re more in love with your partner than in lust, which is a good thing if you’re looking for a relationship with emotional committment and long-term possibilities. While you appreciate and enjoy the sex life you have with your significant other, it doesn’t define your relationship. You have a serious, emotional attachment to your partner, and it sounds as if the two of you may have long-term possibilities.

Good, mature relationships strike a balance between many competing factors. It is often difficult for a person to maintain that balance, but you appear to be doing so and should be proud of the healthy love relationship you’re in.


Quick Compassionate Love Quiz

My results say: Results of your Quick Compassionate Love Quiz:

You answered this quiz in a way that suggests that you feel a lot of compassionate love for your partner.

Your partner is lucky: You are very supportive of him or her and respond compassionately when he or she is in distress. You also seem to make a strong effort to see the world from his or her point of view. You care about enriching your partner’s life and are willing to make sacrifices so that he or she can be happy. These are skills that help you support your partner and negotiate conflicts, which should lead to a stronger, healthier, and longer-lasting relationship.




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    Last reviewed: 13 Feb 2015

APA Reference
Stewart, C. (2015). Is My Relationship Established on Love, Lust or Chocolate? Quiz. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 2, 2015, from http://blogs.psychcentral.com/humor/2015/02/relationships-dating-quiz/


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