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The Fifth Of November and 5 days in to the BLOG PARTY of National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)...
Our prompt today wants us to be an "elected President" and to change 3 things in the healthcare system. In the Cartoon from The The Family Stew (part of the Mental Health Humor series), You may wonder why I'm turning my back? I reject the very idea that man's governments will ever solve our basic problems, let alone dealing with our healthcare or mental health! That is the best thing about LIVING in America, I have the freedom to express my feelings and the freedom to pursue what I believe publicly. I believe in a God ruled government, BUT THAT'S MY PERSONAL option. I do try to tone down religion and politics in my cartoons and blogs, that's why I'm not an editorial cartoonist.
That brings us back to the Mental Health Humor cartoon and today's prompt National Health Blog Post Month that crosses both religion and politics. "What are the three changes you would make to healthcare?" If I'm going to imagine anything, it would be a theocratic government (built on unending compassion) without pain and suffering, without sickness or death. Unlike human governments, which come and go, God’s Kingdom will never be brought to ruin.   To be able to live for centuries and centuries healthy and never growing old is an accomplishment of a theocracy. As history tells us, any form of government by man is an epic failure. Living under a compassionate government/theocracy, I don't need to fix any 3 issues in the healthcare system, because there would be no need for a health care system.
No, I am not preaching. This is part of my belief system/hope and faith that has saved my life more the once.  Having a faith is an important part of recovery.  For me, it has never failed me, though at times I have failed it, at times even tried to reject my own faith. Yet, true faith is always being built up and proves true even when it is rocked to the very core.
Moral here is that no matter what we believe, faith is important, but faith needs works and that "work" is what keeps us on the road to recovery.
Jump in on the Blog Party: http://blog.wegohealth.com/2013/11/01/november-is-national-health-blog-post-month-2/

Nov. 5

Election Day!
Votes are in – you won!
If you got elected President, what are the three changes you would make to healthcare?





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