Facebook Friend Suggested It and Chato Stewart Drew It -

Sunday Silly Cartoon:
I asked my Facebook friends to give me 3 concepts for a silly cartoon.

  1. Disorder/mental diagnosis
  2. Location/situation
  3. An animal

THEN I, Chato Stewart, would do the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE and try to draw it for today’s Sunday Silly.

I got some AWESOME responses! The one that really got my attention was a cartoon on OCD. Maybe I obsess a little when it comes to drawing cartoons. I have NOT drawn anything in a while about Obsessive-compulsive Disorder and I thought I would take a jab at an OCD cartoon again. This comes from my Facebook friend, Shelly P. who said:

  1. Disorder/mental diagnosis = OCD
  2. Location/situation = JunkYard
  3. An animal = Skunk

Sign: JunkYard Skunk with OCD
Caption: His Job Stinks, BUT at least it organized!

 Tune in next Sunday for our next Sunday Silly. Make sure you friend me on Facebook to join in the fun.


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Stewart, C. (2013). Sunday Silly: OCD – JunkYard – Skunk. Psych Central. Retrieved on January 30, 2015, from http://blogs.psychcentral.com/humor/2013/01/sunday-silly-ocd-junkyard-skunk/


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