Day 16 – Friday, Nov. 16 Create a comic strip about your health / life / community #NHBPM

 I don't have poor communications skills, I just have fat-fingers pin
Belly: Dada, your new  phone is ringing!
Chato Stewart: Yup, it’s a distress text from mom…
Chato Stewart Texting: “tap…tap…tap…tap…tap…tap”
Caption: I Don’t have poor communications skills, I just have fat-fingers

Days 16 of the We Go Health National Health Blog Post Month! We are over the halfway point for November’s blog party.  To be honest, I have been dreading drawing this cartoon all month. You would think that today’s suggested prompt/post to “Create a comic strip about your health / life / community” would be a no-brainer for a cartoonist. I draw single cell, one frame cartoons also known as gag or a magazine cartoons. This style of cartooning is considered the hardest type/style since you have one frame/cell to make your gag/joke work.  Many jokes can’t be condensed to one frame.

How I Adapted and Brought Joy to my Belly

So when I found out I had to draw a comic strip for the #NHBPM, I was worried I would not be able to convey the joke properly since I’m so used to gag cartoons. To draw today’s cartoon, I plotted out the joke and drew 4 cartoons and just connected them together… I was happy because it was a great opportunity though for me to include my youngest girl (Belly) in the cartoon. I told my girls this month I would draw them and this gave me the opportunity to include Belly. She LOVES the cartoon!

Now, I just have to include my Precious in one of the upcoming cartoons for this month. (Here is Sweet Pea in the fear of  balloon cartoon.)

I hope you enjoyed my Mental Health Humor Family Stew cartoon strip, I hope you get the joke.


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