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DBSA Is Spreading Smiles

This is the last month for the DBSA “Positive Six Campaign”… And they are going out on a HIGH note with spreading smiles!  A smile is a very power tool!  I remember my Lincoln School’s 7th grade teacher had a sign on her desk that said: “Smile cause it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.”  I never forgot it cause it made me laugh… so now I smile all the time. :)

This month’s cartoon is the last in a series of the 6 cartoons for the DBSA, that’s me spreading smiles.

“we can Do something unexpected and nice for six (+6) peoples this month (a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a stranger). Smiles are contagious…so spread the laughter and love!”

Spreading Smiles Podcast

Along with the cartoon this month, you have to listen to my friend David Granirer (He was Mental Health Hero, too). His interview with Executive Vice President Cindy Specht “talks with comedian, counselor, and founder of Stand Up for Mental Health, David Granirer, about how stand up comedy can spread smiles and foster recovery. Listen to the podcast



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