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Mental Health Feelings Cross Word Puzzle

When was the last time you remember feeling “a deep satisfaction or fulfillment”?  I'm talking about a feeling of RAPTURE, not the feeling of euphoric mania associated with bipolar or mental illness. No, when was the last time you just had a good day filled with PEACE, or  “Quietude, relaxation?"

If you're living with “chronic or pressing tension,” more likely than not, you're also having issues with mild or severe ANXIETY. This can lead to “an unresolved conflict of importance,” or UNHAPPINESS.

Now don’t PANIC or start “to be paralyzed” if you’re dealing with DEPRESSION and feel like you’re having a “chronic deprivation of joy.”  This self LOATHING might be “a somewhat safe but unhealthy conflict or dislike” in your mind and is nothing more than a DESIRE,  an “inner want or need," when actually - it's not a need at all.  A great song writer once wrote love is all you need.

Now don’t let ANGER control your “reaction to injustice or imposition that lacks mutuality;” just let that NUMBNESS become a " no expression of desires!"  We want to search for happiness’ signs.

If we can find that HAPPINESS, the “release of tension, laughter or relieved expression," that EXCITEMENT will give us “a positive feeling of freedom and unpredictability.”
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