Dude like you are too oversensitiveI admit, YES! It’s true. I can take things WAY too personally. Am I paranoid or just oversensitive?  Between you and me, I think it’s both!

Being sensitive is not a bad thing, right???  As with MOST peers living with Bipolar Disorder, SOME OF US tend to “take things to the extreme.”

My wife Joan Winifred says, about me and my oversensitive moods, that I take things to the extreme. “Call me a joker, call me a fool, Right at this moment I’m totally cool,” says Billy Joel’s song, I Go To Extremes.

Thus, me being overly-sensitive should not surprise anyone.

I still am not sure how much of this sensitivity is paranoia and how much is me taking issues out of context and taking it too personally. Over the years, I have seen great leaps and bounds in my acceptance of things I would often take WAY too personal.  Was it due to some therapy breakthrough?  Or magic pill via medication?

NOPE, it was actually about 18 years ago during a lunch break back when a friend said something like:

“Chato, I’ve known you a long time and I just want to let you know that you can dish it more than you can take it.”

2012 Mental Health Humor -Dude like you are too oversensitive- by Chato Stewart image2

Danny: >>>Cough -Cough-Cough<<<<<

Caption: Dude like you are too oversensitive

At the time I was distraught at the notion that I was overly-sensitive!  Then the truth of it hit me. Ever since my friend had the courage to tell me, I’ve been working on fixing that problem and TRYING NOT to be so overly sensitive.  Unless it’s a food sensitivity, then I just need an epipen.

So is it me being paranoid or me being oversensitive?  I’m not sure, what have you heard about me??! I’m sure they just want me to fail at this blog post!



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