What Really Makes the Angry Birds Angry?

Emotions are emotional! Part of our emotional makeup includes anger! For many of us living with “mental health issues,” anger might seem to be the only emotion we truly understand.

We may be short-tempered due to circumstances that seem out of our control. Our anger could be deep-seated from emotional trauma or could be from a host of other different sources that have frustrated us to a point that we are furious over something or someone that has irked us in some specific way.

2012 Mental Health Humor - Breaking through anger requires knocking down walls - by Chato Stewart

Caption: Breaking through anger requires knocking down walls!

Is anger healthy?

Irritation is a fact of life.  For example, you may get a skin irritation and your body immediately attacks it.  You have a biological response to the skin irritation shown by the outbreak of rash or redness of that particular area. Noticeably, your skin may seem hot at the point of irritation.

So biologically speaking, your body is angry at what has caused the irritation and it immediately takes action to resolve the situation with antibodies to fight off the infection/irritation.

Emotionally speaking, we may have deep-seated anger for ourselves because of circumstances that are out of our control. And in many cases, we turn that rage into hatred towards ourselves and our own self-esteem. We become wrathful!

Is there any type of justification for anger? Of course, you can justify anything – that’s human nature. Still, there comes a point where the anger can take on a life of its own. It eats you up from inside out.  It becomes wrath and hatred. It becomes unhealthy.

There is a Bible verse that says: “Be wrathful, and yet do not sin; let the sun not set with YOU in a provoked state.” And, “Be agitated, but do not sin.” If we can stop our anger from building into wrath, we will be able to have more clarity and handle/manage things that provoke us in a way that doesn’t damage or hurt others or ourselves.

Angry Birds Philosophy

The philosophy of the Angry Birds is to knock down and destroy whatever stands in their way, but this philosophy can do more harm than good. There is no closure in revenge; there is no healing in uncontrolled anger. Healing only comes when we can let go of the anger for ourselves or others and find peace within our hearts and minds.

Learning to freely forgive and somehow forget (or not constantly dwell on) something, stretching forward beyond the irritation/pain and trying hard not to be paralyzed by it is the goal. Of course, self-control is not easy to learn, but it brings long-term, positive results to difficult situations.




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