ME sanity?

“They’re always after ME sanity!”

Yes, I’m just changing the “Lucky the Leprechaun” quote, “they’re always after me lucky charms.” If you don’t know, Sir Lucky is a spokesperson (cartoon character) for General Mill’s Lucky Charms cereal.

Even though I love this cereal too much, the fact is I can’t pick a favorite cereal. It’s a toss-up between Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Forget about pouring a heaping bowl of cereal, I would eat the whole box by myself. Something about those marshmallows keeps me coming back for more. (I’m hoping my cartoons keep you coming back for more too!)

I have never had to deal with the effects of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) (how about you?), unless you count the time I was cleaning the windows for a big bank in Boston and touched a “live” wire on a 12 foot ladder and got ZAPPED! The electrician was looking for the short in the lighting system and when my copper squeegee touched it, all the lights went on for a few seconds.

That experience is as close as I got to ECT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it – even though I don’t think I would get it done if I had the choice. The truth is, as far as I know, my insurance (which the state gives me) does not include ECT.

Magically Delicious

What does it say about a person who dreams about getting tasered by a police officer?! Do you think it could be part of my issues with self-injury?! Or maybe I’m eating too many Lucky Charms before bedtime! I guess it’s better than dreaming about getting shot by cop (suicide by cop). It seems to me that with our degrading mental health system here, soon the only way to get services administered will be in the streets!

Gone will be the days of suicide by cop, instead it will be ECT by cop through tasers. I wonder if getting tased will be magically delicious?!

2012 Mental Health Humor - suicide by cop - How about ECT by Cop- by Chato Stewart The Family Stew

Officer O’Toole : There, there, me boy this taser won’t hurt a bit!

Caption: Forget suicide by cop… How about ECT by Cop! Being administered by Officer O’Toole, It’s cheaper!

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