Superstition or Phobia?

Friday the 13th AGAIN??!!  What the….Friggatriskaidekaphobia!  And there is still going to be one more “Friday the 13th” in July!

If you are the suspicious type and believe in superstition, you may be afraid. This year there are three Fridays that fall on the 13th of the month. The number three is very significant because it signifies a completeness. One example is an algebra. You add a small number three in the top right-hand corner to make a cube. A cube is perfect and equal on all six sides.

Either good fortune or calamity is identified depending on the sign and its interpretation of many superstitions. A few common superstitions here in the Western world could be walking underneath a ladder to bring calamity or bad luck, having a black cat cross your path, spilling salt or opening up an umbrella in a building.  All of it could spell doom for you.

My favorite is breaking a mirror. This one supposedly gets you bad luck for seven years. I wonder who keeps track of those 7 years?! I also wonder if you break more than one mirror, can you serve concurrent sentences? The fact is a superstition is based on ignorance and fear of the unknown. It is that type of ignorance or lack of knowledge that feeds into our fears. So, superstition is not a phobia. Instead, superstition causes us to have anxiety/phobias if we put belief in it.

Having A Phobia Or Is It Superstition?

Superstition is an irrational belief based on ignorance! Sometimes superstitions may “seem” true.  For instance if you walk underneath a ladder, then a few hours later get hit by a car.  In an irrational mind (or human mind)– we tend to always look for an answer as to why something bad happens to us. Sometimes, we need to blame it on a superstition rather than take responsibility for ourselves.

For example, yes, you may have walked underneath a ladder, but when you crossed the street, did you look both ways? Accidents happen!  (We just might be in the wrong place at the wrong time–“unforeseen occurrence befall us all.”) Sometimes, we are self-fulfilling our own phobias and superstitions. Don’t be a slave to the falsehoods and false reasonings of man. That is what a superstition is –  a false reasoning of man! Not some supernatural being out to smite you every time you spill some salt or see a beautiful black cat.

Nonetheless, I offer this: if you ever push a button on the 50th floor for the elevator and it opens up on Friday the 13th with spilled salt, a broken mirror, a ladder and a black cat holding an umbrella….Take the stairs!

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