2012 Mental Health Humor - Cruel Fat Jokes FREE Donuts - by Chato Stewart cartoon image1Once your mind is in the game, it’s time to get serious about making the changes that you can enjoy and stick to. DO NOT go at weight loss to just lose weight! I’ve found that this too is a sabotage. I’ve been on and off diets in the past (like most of us) with the yo-yo diets we know don’t work.

We also know that exercise is a HUGE key factor. Yet, if you’re like me and pushing 400 pounds, any type of exercise that is over done or not done right, can have devastating effects on our body and our mind. Nothing can halt your progress to make you give up, willingly or unwillingly, like physical injury because of exercising. For this reason, I’ve been taking it very slow.

In January, I started adding a few minutes of dancing to a favorite song every time it came on the radio. First time I did it, I could hardly stand for the whole song; let alone move. With my work, I’ve lead a sedentary lifestyle sitting in front of my computer most days working. Now, each day I try to move.

I’ve added one-hour workouts 2 to 3 times a week. Last week, I overdid it and I hurt my knee, so remember to listen to your body! It’s taken me many years of total disregard of my health to get to 383 pounds… losing it is not going to be overnight!

2012 Mental Health Humor - Cruel Fat Jokes FREE Donuts - by Chato Stewart cartoon image2

Along with exercise, we need to eat properly…but what is eating properly? There are so many confusing dietary plans and lingo out there that the average person, like myself, is so confused about what truly is a healthy diet.

In January, a trusted friend told me I should count my calories and eat no more than 2000 calories a day. That sounds reasonable.  Until I started eating 2000 calories a day that consisted of 5 cookies at 100 calories each, tuna fish on white bread with cheese : 400 calories – potato chips, soda and other kinds of junk food. I figured as long as I didn’t go over 2000 calories, I would be fine.

What I found out: I was eating empty calories – worthless calories that doubled my mind and my body!

I love meat, I am a cannibal at heart! Just joking. NO! I’m really not a cannibal, but more of a carnivore! No herbivore here.  The only plant I was eating was on top of a bacon double cheeseburger and normally, I would hold the lettuce. What does one need to do to eat properly so they can lose weight? You must eat living food!

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