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Today,  many of us so intertwined with technology that, at times, we can reap some serious consequences when combined with psychiatric disorders. Yes, there is technology that can be beneficial and tons more that is just a waste of time. We live in an age that has an “app” for everything; one app can identify Depression by reviewing your text and sequencing your writing with an algorithm that can “conclude”  to what degree you may be depressed.

Then, there are apps and websites all about support and recovery that could be very beneficial to the newcomer and/or the veteran of mental illnesses – such as the writers here at Psych Cental!  Yet, every one of these so-called technological improvements can be abused. Especially if you’re dealing with mania and/or dealing with  hypersexuality (sex addiction) too.

Hypersexuality and “FAILED” technology

Here’s an email I received the other day that is a perfect example of a “FAILED” technology.  It’s from someone who obviously admires me and from all the X’s and O’s I would think she is in love with me. She expresses it by saying:  “I want you so bad you are my only wish!

Yes, she obviously has good taste… just one problem, she sent it to 23 other guys!!!  Talk about making me feel wanted and loved.  If I didn’t know better, I would think she was hypersexual and manic.

You can relax, even though this was a real e-mail I received, it was really just “spam” for some “website” to meet girls sent to one of my old e-mail addresses, so right away I knew it was fake.  (I probably shouldn’t have opened it!)  Could this really happen?


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