Mental Health Humor Cartoon By Chato Stewart Here is our third contestant in the Nose Picking Idol cartoon series. I call it:  the baton twirling distraction pinkie finger nose picker.  Say that five times fast!

What is it about our nostrils that attracts our fingers?  My grandfather always carried a hanky, but I never saw him blow his nose.  He was a digger… I wonder if nose picking is hereditary?

2012 Mental Health Humor - Baton twirling distraction pinky Nose Picker - by Chato Stewart


T.V. Show: Nose Pick’en IDOL

Score: Judge one: 5, Judge two: 6, Judge three: 10

Caption: One Leg, two finger nose picker

As I mentioned in my last two posts, the “Nose Pick’en Idol” series is something I started drawing back in 2007. Yes, I get it.  I’m a. . . . . . . . . . procrastinator on some projects! It may be a Bipolar thing. I start so many wonderful IDEAS then never quite finish them.  Not that I think picking my nose is wonderful.  Unless, I get that big dried-out snot with the roots… Ah, you guys know what I’m talking about!

I hate that I pick my nose sometimes. I DON’T EAT IT!  Also, I am a germaphobe! So, Rhinotillexomania is like an oxymoron; much like my Bipolar. Fear not, I go through gallons of Germ-X and other hand sanitizers!

Picking noses is not just a male thing. I’ve seen a lot of women do it.  But, they always try and hide it with some type of distraction!  Just like the above cartoon: “Pinky Finger Nose Picker.”

To read more about scratching the green grass of your nostrils see: Constructive Tips for Rhinotillexomania – Also Known as Compulsive Nose Picking.

Don’t worry friends, only two more “Nose Pick’en Idol” cartoons. Then you get to vote (for the grossest cartoon) on Friday… :)








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