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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Did Chato Stewart Win The WeGoHealth Hilarious Health Activist Award? And Why You Should Care!

January 31 at 3P.M., in what can only be described as a twitter chat psychedelic frenzy at WEGO Health, #HAAwards announced their Health Activists award/s winners.  I was nominated for two different awards and was a finalist for another (see: Chato Stewart Makes The Cut! – Health Activist Award Finalists: Hilarious Health Activist). This was my first full participation in a twitter chat, there must've been over 200 people tweeting and re-tweeting the same messages of "congratulations" to all the award winners.

Nonetheless, you're here for the answer to the real question... Did Chato Stewart who was a Hilarious Health Activist Award Finalist win the award?
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Chato Stewart Makes The Cut! – Health Activist Award Finalists: Hilarious Health Activist

WEGO Health is a social media online health community with health activists from every sort of health condition! Focusing on the top 10% of  influencers, organizers, connectors, leaders and contributors are passionate about helping others lead healthier lives.

This past year (2011) they started the Health Activist Awards.  I was nominated for two awards from my peers.  The nominations were given to Health Activist Judging Panels to pick their favorites out of all the nominees. It was a time-intensive task and the  judges took the responsibility quite seriously.

Let’s look at the Hilarious Health Activist Award Finalists. One of these will be the winner – but all are incredible Health Activists that you should know.
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Is Your House A Castle or a Toxic Dump?

Sign in Yard: [Toxic Emotions]

Sign On Door: Home Sweet home

Written On the Door : Hurt, Sadness, Shame, Fear, Anger, Hate,  Jealousy, Envy and Rage.

Caption: Is Your House A Castle or a Toxic Dump?
I grew up in a Toxic Dump! No, really. It was rumored that back in the 50s, the projects I grew up there was an illegal toxic dump site. Back  then the housing development was just a swamp.

I grew up in an emotionally toxic environment as well.
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Chato B Stewart

Sunshine from Darkness 2012

On January 14th, I was so privileged to be invited to display my cartoons at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall for the Sunshine from Darkness Symposium. It was a FREE COMMUNITY EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for friends, family, health care professionals and those personally diagnosed with any form of mental illness.

I was there last year and had a blast. A local printer printed up my cartoons and I gave them away to my peers. This year the printer could not help out.  I had to print them myself. My end cost was $250.00 -- OUCH, but I knew that they would get into to the hands of people who could appreciate them.

Boy did they! My table was so swamped with peers grabbing my cartoons and samples of BP HOPE and Esperanza Magazines that I could not take many pictures.

Chato Stewart Table/Booth 
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2012 Mental health Humor Cartoons

Over-Medicated: Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals – Why YOU Should Be Worried

Medication Bottles: [Painting Tic-Tacs half blue to look like pills and medication capsules.]

Caption: Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals!
Should you be worried that your Pharmaceuticals are counterfeit? Are your SSRI's..."SSR-NOTS"?!  The FDA has seen an increase of medication fakes hitting our shores lately.  While most are not psychotropics or common meds for Bipolar, Depression or Anxiety, it does make one wonder and worry (a cause for real concern.)

A worthy topic for discussion: Do you know, for sure, the pills you swallow are not sugar pills? Or worse...a watered-down, weaker version of much-needed medication?!
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2012 Mental health Humor Cartoons

Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex… Right?

Girl Med Bottles: Ha-Ha: Heeee Oh my, Really! Yes! OMG no way!

Man Med Bottle to Viagra Bottle: Com'on man don't be Paranoid. I'm sure they ain't talking about you. Hey, it could happen to any guy.

Caption: Mixing Meds Can Significantly Reduce Potency!
I'm no mathematician, but the other day I was reading something about mental health statistics and it lead me to a booklet called "Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex."   Most of the info is cut n' dry, the dos and don'ts of therapy conduct:
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Today’s Psychological Disorder: Phobias – Friday the 13th – Friggatriskaidekaphobia – Triskaidekaphobia and Globophobia

Match stick: So, the Patch is NOT impervious to superstition!

Caption: One 2012 New year's resolution only lasted 13 days!
Yes, this year you have three times to fear Friday the 13th, called Friggatriskaidekaphobia and also called/referred to as triskaidekaphobiathat is translated as the fear of the number 13.

What days do you need to be weary of?  Well, this Friday is January 13th then the second week in April is our second "Friday the 13th" and the last 2012 "Friday the 13th" is in July... Watch out for black cats and broken mirrors people!
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Chato Stewart 2011 – AGAIN?

This is more of a re-post of my January 1st blog post.  I was in such a hurry to post it right at 12:AM I did not have the time to tell you what all the photos are.  I added some info about each photo.

Saved a Kitten - Girls named Smudge
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Is This Sparta?

Chato Stewart: Is this madness? or Is this Sparta?

You might not get this cartoon if you have not seen the point in the movie 300 where the Persian Messenger offends King Leonidas.  The messages get enraged and indigent that the king would be so obstinate and the *MEME is born.
Persian Messenger: This is Madness!
Leonidas: Madness? This is Sparta!
While this is a HEAVILY VIOLENT and graphic movie, this war cry got me thinking the other day.  And well, my conclusions was it was all madness!
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