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We All Need Encouragement – Here is how Mr. Clint Rayner Encouraged Chato Stewart

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Clint Rayne mental health hero

Photograph of Clint Rayner






Clint Rayner Mental Health Hero 2010 Cartoon-A-Thon for Mental Health Awareness Month.

I recently got an e-mail from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Florida Department of Children and Families.  It was from Clinton Rayner, the director who oversees all the Mental Health Consumer and Stakeholder Affairs for all of Florida.

It was so encouraging to me I wanted to share it, and hopefully to set a precedent that many others will follow… I need outside validation. So send me lots of encouragement. :)

6 of My Words Of the Wisdomless

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

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Yes, Balance Anxiety, Fail Anger Imagination. – That does not make any sense till you read my Words Of The Wisdomeless… Then it will really confuse you.

The following quotes were all written by me, I take full responsibility for their effect on your funny bone.  Hopefully one or two will tickle it.

Words Of the Wisdomless: Anxiety
How do I know if your Anxiety is cured? If you can answer the phone without trepidation or dread because the caller ID is not working, then it’s cured… For the rest of us, we can just let the caller go straight to voicemail.

Words Of the Wisdomless: Anger
I read some where that anger is depression turned inwards. I also read that depression can make you angry. Now, what I didn’t read is how to cure depression that really tick’s me Off and boils my blood!

ADHD High Risk in Pregnant Woman Who Smoke

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
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 ADHD High Risk in Pregnant Woman Who SmokeCaption: ADHD High Risk in Pregnant Woman Who Smoke

What JOY to bring a new life into the world! Most women want their baby born healthy and to live a long, happy life! Did you know that recent research and studies show “pregnant women who smoke may be at a higher risk of having a child with ADHD”?

Secondhand smoke in the home, according to new research, poses a “50% increased risk (to children exposed) of developing two or more behavioral and learning disorders as well as ADHD.” Why put your child’s future at risk?! DON’T LIGHT UP so he/she can…shine bright, live and breathe well!

Home: My Sanctuary, My Sanitarium, My Asylum!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
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2011  Mental Health humor Home My Sanctuary My Sanitarium My AsylumCaption:  Home:  My Sanctuary, My Sanitarium, My Asylum!

My home is my sanctuary, sanitarium and asylum… all in one! When I go out, it’s only to the do some shopping or pay a bill and or take the kids out to give Mom a respite. The cartoon really touches home for me.  Sometimes, I feel safe in my little corner of my room.  Other times, it’s where I lick my wounds to heal. Then when times are rough, my room feels like a little padded cell.  Is it just me? or does anyone else feel this way, too?

Mental Health

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