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The Last 6 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

2011  Mental Health humor please dont jump Future Site of Suicide Barrier NetMental Health humor Over-Medicated SSRI Sooner or Later Your  Refills Run OutMental Health humor charlie sheen pawn

Mental Health humor PeaceLoveChato Stewart is standing with a grim and depressed look on his  face. He is at work car parking and wearing a red valet vest smock.  He  is standing next to a Sign that reads: [Valet Parking Attendant].  The  cartoons Caption reads: "I feel so unvalidated!"2011  Mental Health humor style Swimming with the fishes – Fish Godfather Flyin wid da birds

HAPPY 1 year Anniversary Mental Health Humor blogging at Psych Central

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! One year ago, I was so happy to be welcomed here at the Psych Central network.  As I said in my first few posts, “I’ve always known my Mental Health Humor cartoons belonged here and now I think I’ve found a real home!” What a wild and awesome time this last year has been!

We had over 120,000 visits to the blog looking at 170k pages.  We did have some navigation issues, but since we added the past 6 cartoons below the new cartoon…it has increased page views.  We also saw the very first Mental Health Humor book.  Even though it was a FREE e-book, we got a LOT of nice comments and a ton of thank yous for it!

The cartoons continue to reach a world-wide audience.  For example, Marion P. of South Africa, who has a Bipolar Depression Group, says;

Hi Chato
I’d love to use your cartoons for the Bipolar Depression [group]. You are so kind to offer them [for free].  Please keep up the joyful banter. ♥Hugs♥
– Marion ~Founder, Bipolar Depression Group

Makati, Philippines:

“I like your blog great idea will look for updates often. Best wishes” Doctor.G.L.P –

I love getting e-mails and comments about the cartoons here are some more comments about the cartoons:

“Congrats on your courage to have a way to express a positive way to deal with your mental health issues. I think your talent of drawing cartoons and humor is the best medicine you could ever ask for. Thank you for taking a risk and sharing it with all of us. I find that your humor puts a smile on my face everyday. Don’t forget all the lives you have touched as well!! :)”~ J

Hi Chato,
I love your cartoons — they’re great! Second, I found the cartoon more ironical and truly reflective of society’s response to mental illness than I did uproariously funny. Nonetheless, I love your cartoons. They are great! Keep up the good work! ~ Crystal

Dear Chato,
Thank you for this breath of fresh air in the midst of peoples’ skewed perceptions about mental illness. I’m 58, and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at age 57, after being wrongly diagnosed for forty years (joke’s on me, right?). – Ms Libby

“Your comics are great! The OCD to-do list had me in stitches. You do great work.”
– Morgan, North Carolina

“Your cartoons are wonderful. Although mental health is clearly very serious business, it’s
refreshing to see someone have a little fun with the issue.” ~ Depression Relations Manager

“Learning to laugh at a difficult situation is healing for me. I hope others can learn to do the
same. “Patch Adams” one of my favorite movies, is a perfect example. The opposite of
crying is laughing. I chose to laugh, a lot. Keep up the great work!!!!!!” CR ~Kentucky

As I look back at year one at Psych Central, I can’t help but feel a great scene of accomplishment and excitement!!  Looking forward to year two.  The next year expect more cartoons, not always funny, but they always have a point and purpose. They are for you, my peers.  If they help others that’s fine, but I draw them for you and me living with mental disorders to remember that there is humor and laughter even in sorrow.

Thank you all for your support!!!


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