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Chato B Stewart

Trigger Alert! Do NOT Read – Content May Invoke Unwanted Emotions Part 1

This weekend I drew a cartoon about triggers in the post Earthquake, and Tsunami, and Meltdown Oh, My! With so much negative news, it's hard to maintain our own mental balance especially if these events are triggers. I'm NOT saying ignore friends and loved ones in times of distress!  Nor am I saying NOT to show fellow feeling for others! Nor am I saying, our fellow feelings should be selfishly based...(if we are going to feel good or bad--we choose to care or not!)  A Reader's comment expresses it perfectly: “Happy should not come at price of caring."  Rather, we (people living with mental health issues), need to know our triggers and how to avoid/deal with them. To some, that may look like we are selling out "caring" to just be "Happy." We are all human. Well, at least, I hope we are! We have the capacity to love and show love... I think it's safe to say, many of my readers CARE about what people deal with...the many trials and tribulations...more than most. Why? Because we (my readers & myself: people living with mental health issues) don't just have sympathy; we have empathy! We personally understand mental and physical suffering. We have the capacity to recognize it and share feelings deeply. 
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