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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Domestic Dispute

Title: Domestic Dispute
This is a cartoon I drew last year but never used it.  I normally just draw single cell cartoons and this my 3rd attempt at a comic strip. Below is some of the music I've been tuning into while I'm doing this blog post.  I thought I would share it with ya...
Have a good weekend!
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Living Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie “The Birds”

In my last blog post How Would You Draw Your Family? Here is The Family Stew! I introduced you to my new cartoon series called The Family Stew.

I wanted to share with you the moments that led up to drawing this cartoon.  As with most cartoons they some what reflect our own real lives.  This cartoon is no different, and reflects the day my children and I were attacked by BIRDS.

It reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds. We were feeding seagulls in Port Charlotte, Florida.  I was showing the kids that if you hold the cracker straight up in the air the seagulls will swoop down and take the cracker.  My kids were running around screaming having a blast and trying to catch as many of the seagulls as they possibly could.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

How Would You Draw Your Family? Here is The Family Stew!

Title: Meet The Family Stew!
How would you draw your family? Here is my family, The Family Stew. About four years ago, I started a cartoon series called The Family Stew. It was based on my family, and focused on our day-to-day lives... unfortunately, at the time, the cartoons really didn't have any direction.

Yes, it was about funny things that happened to a family, but there are so many cartoons like that. I didn't feel it was original, so I put it on the back burners.

I didn't totally forget about the cartoon series, however.  When I started the Mental health humor cartoons, I was able to toss in a few of the cartoons here and there. I kind of incorporated that cartoon series into the mental health humor. You've seen cartoons about me and the kids from time to time.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Writing For BP HOPE

Chato's Daughter: LOOK Daddy! That Genie is out of his bottle... And He likes Ice Cream too!

A New columnist at BP Hope.  In his latest article in this issue of the magazine, he talks about a friend that he lost touch with only to find out his friend finally fell victim to his illness and took his own life!

This story resonated with me personally. I have a friend that I am afraid is on the same path.  I'm reaching out to her, but I keep missing her.  I'm worried I will see her name in the obituaries before I can finally talk with her.  Reading Bruce's article gave me some sound advice and suggestions that I am going to apply.  I know in the end, there is nothing that will stop her down this path of destruction if she doesn't want help.  But I feel I need to at least try.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Living with a Sleepless Mind

Living with a Sleepless Mind adds stress to my life! Sleeping issues are normally one of the key factors in the identification of a mental health disorder. Granted, it is not the only factor, but it seems to come up a lot.

Some of the very first questions a therapist asks is “How are you sleeping?” Does identifying our sleep pattern really help identify our mental state or help with a diagnosis?
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons


Police Man: Yah... I see this every winter... Snow hoarding! Normally, it’s just a nuisance. But, this snow hoarder is blocking a public walk way
and fire hydrant... It’s time for an intervention, It's gut-a go!
Hoarding is a psychological condition where the Hoarder collects items, objects, and even animals to extreme, unfathomable levels.  At home, living spaces are overrun by whatever the hoarder is collecting.  Many times on top of that collection is trash, refuse and unhealthy living conditions.

I've watched the TV show about hoarding and it was a bit scary.  Some of it resembled my parents.  Fortunately, my parents got a handle on the issue and just started throwing things away.  That was a good time!

That is not why I did this cartoon, the reason I did this cartoon was...
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Bereavement: Memories

Card: Mavious Loved To Garden

Caption: The Tombstone was of George's Fondest Memories
A while back, Barbara Rubel asked me if I have drawn any cartoons about dealing with bereavement.  It's one of those subjects that needs to be  handled with a little finesses and tact. This is my first attempt at a bereavement cartoon.

You might Remember Barbara Rubel from the 2010 Cartoon-a-thon.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Armchair Diagnosis

Woman: Do you really think I have a problem?

Armchair: Oh, yes, for sure! You’re a paranoid schizophrenic, with psychotic tendencies. I’m also picking up Depression an a little OCD & BPD...

Title: Armchair Diagnosis
On a more serious note, I want to share with you an excellent blog post By Ronald Pies, M.D. entitled, The Arizona Shootings: A Recurrent American Tragedy.

The post highlights the real link between mental illness and violence in a balanced perspective. While I read it I got the idea for this cartoon.  But don't let that detract away from the seriousness of what happened in Arizona.
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Every Parent Does It!

Caption: What is that disorder called when we make our kids dress like us? ... Love!

Parenting Style Quiz - New!
What's your parenting style? Are you more democratic or authoritative? Is your style more strict or lenient?
Every parent does it! I don't know who first started it.  Seems like an unwritten rule that sooner or later, one time or another, you MUST dress your child to look exactly and precisely the same as you!

The same clothes, outfit, uniform, suit or dress or whatever the mother or father is wearing.  Come on parents, admit it, we've all done it!  Why?  Why do we put our children through it?  Are we worried people won't believe they are our children unless they look "exactly" like us?  Or is it some type of safety plan in case they get separated from us?... Whatever the case,  I think it boils down to one thing… LOVE!
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Chato B Stewart

Sunshine From Darkness

Saturday, I was privileged to be a part of the "Sunshine from Darkness" symposium community resource table!  It gave me an opportunity to showcase some of my cartoons and to meet many other providers and consumers in the local area.

Although I live an hour away from Sarasota, I had to be there by 7 AM.  I knew if I could just make would be an incredible day!  And yes, I did get up at five in the morning and drive there and I was "early" enough to set up my display.

To begin, I would like to thank Mike from
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

What is Your Social Security Number?

Consumer:  It’s my 6th time getting rejected for SSI... What’s your Number?

Sigh: Social  Security  Administration

What is your Social Security number?  This is not the number each American is given for identification.  Rather, the number of times you've had to apply to get Social Security disability.  Tell me if you haven't heard this experience before:
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