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Summer + Mania + Alcohol = A Dangerous Mix

5 Labor Day Weekend Tips To Avoid the Psychiatric Ward:

  1. PLAN AHEAD – If you’re going to visit family, then make sure you check your vehicle for travel. Check windshield wipers, fluids, radiator and cooling system.  Also, map out your route.  Know your way both in the daylight and at night.  (Places look different at night so, know your exits!)
  2. Take YOUR meds!  Make sure you have your meds you will need for the weekend. And if you’re visiting family,  you’ll need your meds to deal with them.
  3. Don’t OVER DO IT! Labor day is not about working your butt off!!  It’s about resting and enjoying friends and good associations.  Remember, mixing medications and alcohol is never a good thing!!  It weakens the effects of the meds and can trigger an episode.  Last thing you want is to be streaking the party “al natural” screaming you’re Jesus or Elvis… not a good way to get invited back.
  4. Take A TIME OUT, if the stress of the day’s activities are getting to you, then take a rest.  Find a quiet room or place and do what James S. Gordon, MD, a world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine says. “Practice:  Slow, deep breathing — in through the nose, out through the mouth, with the belly soft and relaxed and the eyes closed.”  Just don’t chant out loud.  This could make others uncomfortable, especially if your mantra is “PLEASE DON’T let ME kill these people, Please don’t let me kill these people!”… Believe me, this is not a good thing to say out loud… You can trust me on this one.
  5. Finally, enjoy a MENTAL HEALTH DAY OFF… Avoid talking about past problems, disorders, quirks or what ever.   Forget about the past, negativity or short comings you might have with a family member or friend and… just enjoy the day!!

With these 5 simple tips, you will give yourself a better chance of having a good day to “remember” and not a day to regret!!

Have a SAFE Weekend,

Chato Stewart



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    Last reviewed: 3 Sep 2010

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