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I am AFRAID of… balloons!!! Notice the eyes in this picture of me blowing up balloons for my pre-wedding party (Engagement Party).  My future wife did not even know my fear then and there was no way I was going to tell her!!  So, I grabbed the dam balloons and did what I had to DO!

Mental Health Humor Cartoonist Chato b Stewart blowing up ballons image

I have no fear of heights (Hypsiphobia). I have no fear of  snakes (Ophidiophobia). I don’t even have Necrophobia, a fear of death. NOPE! My fear and phobia is balloons! 

I get anxious around them and avoid them whenever possible. Laugh if you must, but it is true!! This type of anxiety is classified as an “uncommon phobia” called Globophobia. Actually, it’s a rather common fear.

My anxiety over the dreaded balloons has been under control; I’m glad the sweating and panic attacks are gone.  I can, however, trace my “issue” back to one night in my life.  I was interviewed once by a fellow blogger and asked,

What is your strangest fear?

Balloon phobias as with most fears are normally caused by experiencing a traumatic event… In my case, it was a big red balloon. I was about 6 and we just got back from the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts , U.S.A. I won the balloon in a game. It was in November and cold! When I got home, I put the balloon in a safe place on top of the radiator. I woke in in the middle of the night to play with my balloon and when I looked it was huge. The heat expanded it to the max… I went over and just touched it with my finger…. BOOOOOOOM! The stupid thing popped! Ever since then seeing one or having to hold a balloon… creeped me out!

Globophobia is the fear of balloons image

To this day I hate balloons! When you have kids, you learn to live with these fears and be self-sacrificing.  ALL my kids LOVE balloons just like their mother, so I just deal with it… and pop them when they’re not looking!!

What is your strangest fear?!

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