Guys, we know the last thing we want to hear is…Erectile Dysfunction! I think for some of us that is worse then hearing we are mentally ill!  What is more of an issue is that many of the medications we might have to take have the dreaded “Sexual Side Effects.”

Male Sexual Dysfunction is not just an issue because guys only care about sex!  Contrary to what many might think, it is much, much, more then sex!  Then again, any type of Southern Dysfunction becomes more about our individuality and our misguided minds; what we define our machismo masculine sexuality as. Yet, we guys like to protect that hemisphere from danger when ever possible from ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

What can be done if you are worried about Male Sexual Dysfunction?

According to Cory Silverberg, “Many medications come with sexual side effects. Sexual side effects of medication can include physical sexual side effects as well as emotional, and psychological sexual side effects. They can be temporary or long term, mild or severe. Whether a sexual side effect is common or rare doesn’t matter so much when you are experiencing it.”

Silverberg gives some tips to coping with sexual side effects of medication. In his post How To Manage Sexual Side Effects of Prescription Medications:

  1. Do Your Homework
  2. Talk With Your Doctor
  3. Adjust the Dosage
  4. Change Medications
  5. Time Medication Around Sexual Activity
  6. Talk About a “Drug Holiday”

How do we know if the problem is a psychological sexual side effect or a Physical sexual side effect?

In a recent article in the newspaper, the T.V. health show, “The Dr. Oz Show” had the good ol’ Dr. Oz recommending what a gentleman can do if he is just dealing with low libido and/or ED (erectile dysfunction) due to anxiety or depression.  Now, I’m not making this up guys! But, to help to distinguish if we are dealing with low testosterone or other problems, the good Dr. Oz suggests before you go to bed  “wrap a strip of lick-and-stick stamps around your penis.

wrap a strip of lick-and-stick stamps around your penis

Yes, you read it right! You have to use a “Lick-and-Stick stamp”… There are so many jokes there, I can’t even begin to temp myself to write them.  I’ll let you come up with your own.

After you’re done mailing your member, the wizard of Dr. Oz says “if you break overnight, you’re having an erection while you sleep, and the problem is probably psychological and not physical.”

Well, guys, I hope you have the right postage unless you want to get STAMPED WRONG POSTAGE!

OK, really, if we have this issue, we should not be afraid to talk to our doctor about our concerns.  Just remember NEVER come off your meds just so you can use the mail box!  You might end up becoming junk mail and end up in the psych ward…  If you don’t understand that analogy then let me put it this way… off meds for sex is insane!!



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