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How Many Pills Do You Take Daily? [New Cartoon]

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Are you like me?  I HATE TO WAIT! Even when I’m in a line and I don’t have anything to do after I finish my errand… I still hate to wait!

Yes, we could explore the psychological affect behind the need to have my needs attended to before yours.  I’m sure it’s part of a complex flaw I have that has effected every aspect of my life.  I was thinking about this a few weeks back, while I was in the “waiting” room at the Hospital Emergency Room.  As I was waiting, a person came in with very serious injuries and they whisked him off to the back for help….

That got me thinking about the waiting area at the behavioral health provider I go to.  Even when I set a appointment, I still have to wait between 25 to 45 minutes.  A few times, it was over an hour.  What if they saw you based on the seriousness of your condition?

Dr. Bob Bob – Peer to Peer Group

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Originally posted August 25, 2008, this cartoon was considered a bit harsh, but, that’s kind of the point with Dr. Bob Bob…being off the wall of reason, making you think a little about this subject.  Once again, the doctor was changing his look too… Here we see his head shaped more like a pear to fit the gag of a Peer to Peer group.  Yet, again Doc Bob Bob mangles up his perception of a peer group to convey his twisted ideals.

I posted this from the hotel in Tampa where I was able to bring my family to a much needed “working” or “studying” vacation.  I was just starting the first day of Recovery Peer Specialist training.

Top 5 Ways to find Out If You're Rapid Cycling

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Are you rapid cycling? Here are my Top 5 Ways to find out.

  • #5 –  You love to ride your bike, but only over hills.
  • #4 – You try to use the elevator to adjust your mood swings.
  • #3 – You are so happy about getting a gift all you do is cry.
  • #2 – Your social calendar is broken up into 4 quarters around your moods.
  • #1 – You find yourself replacing your break pads every few months because you stop and go, stop and go, stop and go…

BP Gulf's Oil Spill puts Mental Health At Risk!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

BP Gulf’s oil spill oil disaster puts mental health at risk!  It’s the 59th day since the The Deepwater Horizon oil rig, operated by British Petroleum, exploded and sank more than 50 miles from Venice, LA, causing the damaging oil spill.

This weekend, while BP CEO Tony Hayward attended a yacht race, thousands of gallons of oil continued to pour into the Gulf of Mexico!  Fear not, cause the proverbial “buck” has been passed to the new man in charge, Bob Dudley.

With all the oil comes death! It’s estimated that “generations” of wildlife will be wiped out… not 1,000, or 10,000 but whole generations!! The loss of human life from the explosion and the loss of thousands of small businesses are leaning to a melting pot of trouble.

An article I read By Elizabeth Weise from USA TODAY titled, “Gulf oil spill puts mental health at risk, too” inspired me to pick up my pencil to express my own feeling about the spill.

Mental Health

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