Why Is It: Acts Of The Few Can Condemn Us All

By Chato B. Stewart • 2 min read

Caption:  Concrete Mental Health Advocates Help Fill In the Gaps

Mental Illness: Same Stuff Different Day!

The acts of the few condemn us all.  I feel it around me more and more. You try to make something beautiful only to have someone defecate all over it!

Yes, it’s like a thickening broth on the stove.  Rendering it down to try and get the best flavors.  You can smell the aroma of spices and herbs blending like a fine melody; you are ready to call it a sauce. Then someone, a stranger, walks into the kitchen and pours vinegar in right in front of you. Then walks away… LOL…(I bet you thought I was going to keep with the defecation analogy.)

Rightfully–I should have stuck with the nasty imagery. It would fit how I feel.  Maybe I am just at a low point right now and/or overloaded on a lot of negative mental health events both nationally and locally.

Some days, you feel like there is so much progress being made.  People are starting to understand and look at you as an “Advocate for positive change.”  That we, people living with mental illness, mental disorders, and mood disorders….whether it is Bipolar Disorder, Depression or Whatever The Diagnosis You Live With, we remind Others: WE are PEOPLE FIRST! Not things that go bump in the night. Not People to fear…|


“Florida Boy, 12, Shoots Brothers In Murder-Suicide One Day After Mom Pleaded For Help’” (I won’t link to that. You will have to google it, it’s too sad to read, and I don’t want to be the one to send you there).


“Florida man killed family in murder-suicide drowning: police” – This accident happened a while ago, but they were not sure what truly happened till they got the car out: “father’s foot was still pressing the accelerator down to the floor.”

 |-<<<BUMP>>>-  |

Yes, there is  Andreas Lubitz, the Alp Crash and his suicidal tendencies (See: Germanwings crash response & Plane Crash in the Alps, Andreas Lubitz).

 Concrete Advocate

Before this group of suicides, there was Robin Williams, then the many mass shootings… It seems like we advocates have to talk more and more about WHAT CAN REALLY TRAGICALLY GO WRONG.

This is so draining on advocacy – it is a major cause of “Mental Health Advocate Burn-Out.” We can be highlighting the positives and powerful people who have to fight battles each day, each hour, each minute with Bipolar, Depression, OCD, ADHD, Borderline, Schizophrenia (Symptoms & Treatments of Mental Disorders) which is noteworthy, commendable, newsworthy then…BAM! Negative, tragic acts of the few, yet widely seen on mass media,…seem to condemn us all.

Being a Bostonian, I can tell you, I’m used to quick hot to cold changes with temperature and weather and with people. We Bostonians (and I’m sure it could be said for most city folk) can come off very cold- hearted passing you in the street, on a bus or train (subway/T).  But give us a few moments and some respect (human dignity) and you will see most are “wicked good people!

This is why, we can’t let the acts of some in crisis, who sadly fall through the cracks of the Mental Health System,…define us or get us down. Instead, we must become more than advocates… we need to to be Concrete Advocates helping patch-up the cracks in the system. To lessen the chances of others falling through. The more workers filling in the gaps and cracks–the less bumps in the night. (Just don’t look under the bed.)

Toss back Tuesday: 1988

By Chato B. Stewart • 2 min read

This was a year of great turmoil in my life.  I remember it with so much pain and so much personal growth.  The year leading up to it, 1987, was filled with some great pop-music, fun parties and a year-long fence I was proverbially sitting on.  A life-altering-change was needed, but I was too foolish, childish and immature, at the time, to appreciate it–at the time.  Yet, I was only 16.

I knew violence, I knew hate, I knew TAKE and Steal. I learned in the projects a group is more powerful than one. Yet, when push comes to shove if you’re the weak one, you’re going to be beat up till you can stand up or take a punch.  Yes, I knew pain. I was usually the odd one out, till I got the nick name “Psycho Stew” BUT…What I also knew and kept hidden was the depression, the mania, the cutting. I knew alcohol and drug use, I knew sex (well, I thought I knew it).

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Does Alcohol Push A Person Towards Riskier Behavior?

By Chato B. Stewart • 2 min read

1526_MentalHealthHumor- Ambiguity Aversion Alchol smBox: Bottles of Ambiguity Aversions
Whisky: Bottle product #1|Looking Good|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Vodka: Bottle product #1|ANGST|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Rum: Bottle product #1|I Can Drive|Selfmedication Liqueur|2015|ALC99%|VOL250ML
Caption:Discovery! Researchers find alcohol spikes risky behavior in guys…really?

Drunk Driving OR Just Buzzed Driving

Drinking and driving – it almost killed my brother. I know many people who have very tragic stories because someone thought they were okay to drive.  Maybe we have all been there at one point or another…most guys who have a few beers with friends to watch a game know what I mean. You have a brew, then two, another at halftime and one with the pizza. You talk about the game, maybe you have a fantasy league going…Whatever and before the game is done, you might have downed a six pack. You’re “NOT DRUNK“… You’re definitely buzzed…What do you do?  Take a cab  – sleep it off or shrug off the idea that you’re impaired in any way and drive home.

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Ultimately, I’m A Maggot But Can I Have A Higher Purpose?

By Chato B. Stewart • 5 min read

1525_MentalHealthHumor- Medical Maggot Higher Purpose thumbMaggot Chad: If I work hard and apply myself…Ya know Rod, one day even I could be a “Medical Maggot!”
Maggot Rod: [eating lunch]
Caption: Even You Can Have A Higher Purpose!

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What to do When The Track Disappears?

Okay, you know when you start off thinking you’re going in one direction and you believe, with all your heart, that you’re going in the right direction and you earnestly-fervently try, with all you might, to stay the course! You’re on the final frontier. Yes, you are fighting the fine fight, making sure that everything you do is true to the true north in your direction because you have your eyesight on the prize. In this case, my prize is the Youfit 60 day fitness challenge. (WeightLoss Challenge: 60 Days to a Better YOUWeightLoss Challenge: Mortified & Discouraged &WeightLoss Challenge: Weight Gain – Suicide By Food).

You are without fail determined to keep going straight on till morning. No matter what, you will not be deterred. You know when you’re that motivated, sometimes you are a little delusional. I think because you forget that this over-enthusiastic idea can easily be popped like bubbles.

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