Battling Our Demons

By Chato B. Stewart
 Demon: Lets go Lee, I have A Bipolar to mentally torture later today…
Caption: battling our demons

Are Our Children Safe? McDonald’s Hello Kitty Toy Recall: Two Kids Choke From Hazard

By Chato B. Stewart
Ronald McDonald: (kicking /Saying Good-bye to Hello Kitty)
Caption: No shirt No shoes No Choking No Service: Good-bye Hello Kitty magazine is reporting that “McDonald’s Recalls 2.3 Million Hello Kitty Toys“…Due to children choking on the detachable part. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: one moment your kid is playing fine and in a blink-of-an-eye, he is choking on something.  After reading the report linked below, I almost wanted to applaud McDonald’s for taking this action. As any parent knows, every kid’s happy meal has toys in them. Our kids might eat there very infrequently… but, I remember the kids toys having explicit packaging, plain as day, that the toy could be a choking hazard.

Good bye hollow kitty smI’m sure right now many parents  who bought “Happy Meals” are anxiously checking their toys to make sure they are not letting their kids play with a potential hazard. I know I was worried. So much so: it gave me the inspiration to draw the above Mental Health Humor cartoon.

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Do Extra Strength Medications XL Really Work?

By Chato B. Stewart

Medication Manager Life Coach: GO-GO-GO LIFT! LIFT! 1-2-3, LIFT!!!!
Medication Manager Life Coach: You CALL that EXTRA Strength!
Caption: Look How Far the Ordinary Medication goes to get the XL Label

My 9 Favorite Over-Medicated Cartoons | Over-Medicated Cartoon 2| Over-Medicated Cartoon 3| Over-Medicated Cartoon 4| Over-Medicated Cartoon 5| Over-Medicated Cartoon 6| Over-Medicated Cartoon 7| Over-Medicated Cartoon 8| Over-Medicated Cartoon 9

In this Mental Health Humor series of cartoons, we tackle the the huge question…”is Bigger Better?”

Labels can be confusing…”extra strength” or “maximum strength“…Best recognized in the mental health community and on psychotropic medications as XL or XR (extended release).

For example:

  • prescription medication Wellbutrin XL (Bupropion Hydrochloride Extended-Release.)
  • SEROQUEL XR bipolar disorder
  • Depakote ER
Do these drugs even work? As a consumer, who already takes meds -legally prescribed drugs, it was important that I decided to weigh the benefits of the XL or XR (extended release). And, of course, to research thoroughly what these labels actually mean.
When I was on Wellbutrin 150 mgItwice a day – i was never stable… I even had my diagnosis changed to Bipolar mixed state and rapid cycling. Yet, when Wellbutrin XL  came out and I was able to get on the manufacturer program to get it.  My moods evened out.  With that, my Diagnosis, went back to Bipolar Disorder 2 for a while. For me that worked…but that is not the same result for everyone.

Over-The-Counter Labels

If over-the-counter labels are important to decipher accurately…how more important is it to clearly understand our “prescription” drugs and their potency and possible side-effects and interactions with any other drugs. Asking questions is important. Accurate answers could save your health!
Always ask your Doctor and Pharmacist, in whom you trust and with whom you have honest communication, about any drug(s) you are not familiar with and any possible side-effects. Please, do Your own research about any drug you choose to take. Some claims about drugs, just aren’t true. Well, not true to you…meaning drugs affect us all differently. What may mean “extra” strength to someone else: could mean “ordinary” to you!


Not a Halloween Cartoon: How Tech Changed Bullies

By Chato B. Stewart
Title: How Tech Changed Bullies
Vegan Vamp: (getting ready to tak a BITE out of an RED apple)
Goth on iPhone: (Talking Text slang) Je-ge-it OMG like I know!
Mummy Of Toilet Paper: YOU TEXTED EVERY ONE! (talking about the photos of him bing TP’ed)
Caption: “Not a Halloween Cartoon” it’s a: Vamp & Goth bulling a classmate by TP’ing him….

Halloween Cartoon |Halloween Cartoon | Halloween Cartoon | Halloween Cartoon | Halloween Cartoon |Halloween Cartoon



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