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Is Your Depression And Bipolar Medication Harming You?

Depression medication Bottle: Get him, get him Good!
Caption: Do your depression meds harm you?

In this Over-Medicated Mental Health Humor cartoon, we look at some pro's and con's of taking meds in this over-medicated and over-diagnosed world we find ourselves in.  This is no joke. There are many long lasting side-effects. The worst on both sides of the issue is DEATH.

There are many valid reasons for not taking medication. There are many valid personal reasons that could be as simple as "I...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

BP Hope And National Cartoonists Day And Chato Stewart

May 5th - National Cartoonists Day. I was deeply moved and honored for being recognized via a Facebook MEME on National Cartoonists Day. BP HOPE Magazine took the time to recognize me on this most special day. The purpose of the Mental Health humour cartoons has never changed. The purpose? To be using humor as a healthy coping skill and mechanism in dealing with the serious debilitating effects of mental illness and psychological disorders . Humor is healthy, thit being said. I must...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Fork:You – Who TO Blame For Your Eating Disorder?

Powerpoint presentation:
Not The Fork. Who "TO" blame for your eating disorder?

 Your parents
Your girlfriend / wife
Genetics"big bones"
Fat shaming

Not The Fork (* or knife or spoon )

Stainless Steel Dinner Fork: Told you, Brian in Public Relations would keep us all stainless.

Caption: Cutlery’s PR Rep spins unsubstantiated rumors they cause Eating Disorders.

Mental Health...
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* Mental Health Humor

Spring Your Mind: Benefits of Bird Watching

#MHHCartoon  panel 1| Bob: Wow, a Red Tailed Hawk! (Hat: I Heart Bird Window = 'i love bird watching' t-shirt:Urban Birding)
#MHHCartoon  panel 2| Red Tailed Hawk: "SMACK!"  (Red Tailed Hawk crashed into a building window pane and slowly sliding down dead)
#MHHCartoon  panel 3| Bob: "That Hawk almost got to 10th street!"
Caption: The Joy of Inner City watching can be "Pane-full".

Yes, we are a month into spring, but for many, in the country, it was a bit belated due to record amounts of snowfall this...
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- 2013 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Toss back Tuesday: 1988

This was a year of great turmoil in my life.  I remember it with so much pain and so much personal growth.  The year leading up to it, 1987, was filled with some great pop-music, fun parties and a year-long fence I was proverbially sitting on.  A life-altering-change was needed, but I was too foolish, childish and immature, at the time, to appreciate it--at the time.  Yet, I was only 16.

I knew violence, I knew hate, I knew TAKE and Steal. I learned in the projects a group is more powerful than one. Yet, when push comes to shove if you're the weak one, you're going to be beat up till you can stand up or take a punch.  Yes, I knew pain. I was usually the odd one out, till I got the nick name "Psycho Stew" BUT...What I also knew and kept hidden was the depression, the mania, the cutting. I knew alcohol and drug use, I knew sex (well, I thought I knew it).
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