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Is There Room For Forgiveness in Your Relationship?

What is Forgiveness in a Relationship?

With couples, forgiveness implies the recognition that although one has been hurt by the other, there is willingness to release the negative thoughts and feelings toward the other partner. Forgiveness is not about denial, condoning abusive behavior or remaining in a dangerous situation – it is about finding a way to go on. It is about dealing constructively with anger in a way that leaves room for love and trust.
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Does Anger Destroy a Relationship? Thoughts and Strategies

Many people steam in silence, act out in passive aggressive ways or become depressed because they fear that anger will destroy their relationship:

“I don’t want to rock the boat.”

“It's better that I just keep my mouth shut.”

Does Anger Destroy A Relationship?
The basic answer is NO. Anger is a human feeling and in itself is not damaging. According to attachment theory, one characteristic of a secure attachment be it between a mother and child or two partners, is the “safety to protest” without the repercussions of extreme anger or destruction of the relationship.
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Happy Thanksgiving With All the Complications

Have you noticed that no matter what is going on in your life, the Holidays show up. Ushered in by Thanksgiving, we all know the Hallmark image of the perfect family gathered around a beautiful table to share wonderful food and give thanks.

In reality, I don’t know many people who have perfect years, perfect families, or perfect gatherings.   Most people’s lives and feelings are complicated. As humans, there is often something wonderful and something painful that we carry. Sometimes the wonderful outshines the pain. Sometimes we can’t feel anything but the pain.

Rather than feeling burdened, disappointed, anxious or sad on Thanksgiving, why not take ownership of Thanksgiving with all the complications. Why not celebrate or redefine this holiday in your way on your terms.
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