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It’s All Broken, and None of It Needs to Be Fixed

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

The last post explored the futility of seeking lasting satisfaction through work, love, and other worldly pursuits. Recognizing this dilemma, we might ask: If satisfaction is evanescent, why do anything at all? Why not just refuse to participate?

But even stasis leaves an imprint, so we need to be sure of ourselves before rejecting society and its activities. We cannot avoid marking the world; our freedom lies in selecting how. We are destined to work and to love, but our decisions direct our efforts and affection. Some strive toward selfish ends and love narrowly. Others behave generously and adore the entire biosphere.

All of which raises another question: How do we optimize our choices?


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  • Will Meecham, MD, MA: Gary– What an quirky and excellent way of putting it! Thanks for the comment. –Will
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  • gretab: It was only the friend that was against the medication. Thankfully, twenty yrs later the others have grown in...
  • Will Meecham, MD, MA: Gretab– Medication is an individual choice. It’s not my place, nor anyone...
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