Mother and daughterI studied law in college, business and education in graduate school, and now am studying psychology. I have several reasons for why I decided to pursue the study of the human mind and behaviors. The most personal reason that I hold very dear to my heart is: I’m confused with people’s “erratic” and “unpredictable” behaviors, and I’d love to understand them.

There are always physiological, cognitive, cultural, social, humanistic, and other perspectives behind a particular behavior and why-and-how our mind works. The many schools and viewpoints of psychology have opened my eyes to see that a single act may have been the result of accumulated past experiences, which come with “good” or “bad” shades.

Traumatic experiences, for instance, give a “bad” foundation for the future self, which may require some therapy to cope with. And each experience, be it joyful or traumatic, is experienced and recorded differently in every individual.

I find studying psychology a good way to understand myself and people around me, and to help them heal, whenever possible. It also allows me to better understand psychological profiles, what might have occurred to them in the past, and what we can expect at some level.

For instance, a narcissistic individual may have been raised with superfluous positive rewards and praises by his parents. And as a narcissistic individual, we can expect him to treat his friends in a way that would confirm his superiority and others’ inferiority.

By studying psychology, I learn many types of psychopathology, types of personality, and skills inventory. Such knowledge and understanding bring me closer to understand myself and how I can make a difference in the society.

Trained in a helping profession also makes me more aware of people’s feelings and how they reciprocate and react to my and others’ presence based on their profile. This alone is priceless.[]

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