I have had a number of sessions and talked to other therapists about “feeding our demons,” a technique I described in my first post “How To Nurture Yourself.” The exercise wants us to get in touch with our innermost demons, describe exactly what they look and feel like, and find out what it is they need from us.

As soon as we attend to the needs of these disavowed parts of the self, the ghosts tend to loose their grip, and with some effort, even turn into an ally.

Very often, there is the need to be seen and heard. The demons are hopping mad about being overlooked, having to give up on desire, and feeling utterly overwhelmed. They show up in the form of mad dragons, crazy aliens and disheveled little dolls.

One category is what Tsultrim Allione describes as God-demons: fantasies of being rescued, of being loved and desired, of being freed from all difficulties if only we could have this job, that partner, or more money.

Many people are feeling that there is a deficit in their life. That they are being governed by a type of “hungry ghost” who is insatiable, greedy, never satisfied. Like the character Smeagol from “Lord of The Rings,” we keep desiring our “precious” that is to fill our void and give us love and power.

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Of Gods and Demons – How To Nurture Yourself (II)

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  1. This post made me cry, it was absolutely beautiful. It warmed my heart and I want to thank you for writing and sharing your talent with words.

    I think you are a brave women to write openly about mental health topics. Both the content and the underlying human confidence that was rendered to bring forth such a strong post with such sincerity, is miraculous; A real miracle.

    It touched me, and gave me hope. I want to pass the word along, print it out, and read it on my stormier days. Again, Thank you.

    • Thank you, Ashely, for your courage to share yourself with us. I am glad to have readers like you, so full of compassion and sensitivity

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