Plum BlossomsI listened to an interview with Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter, the other day. She is a singer songwriter herself and recently published a memoir.

One remark of hers, which she made casually and in passing, stuck in my mind. During her career she had lost her voice, a vital element of her existence, for a period of about two years.

After she regained it, she vowed never to take it for granted again and every day to be grateful for having it. And the way she did it was to not be so critical about her voice anymore.

It reminded me of our usual habit to be unappreciative of what we have until we’ve lost it. What a sad state of consciousness!

Many of us are not only unappreciative, but downright dismissive of what we have. I don’t like the way I look is a very common statement. I don’t have enough _____ (fill in the blank). Mostly it’s money. Or success. Sometimes it’s time. Often it’s being paid attention to.

It’s hard to remember what we already have and appreciate it.

Which reminds me of another sentence I recently heard, this time from the movie Marigold Hotel”: “Life is not a right, it’s a privilege.”

It’s all a matter of perspective. If we can stay attentative to what we have rather than what is lacking, even it difficult times, it will make life easier.


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Schoen, G. (2012). Nothing Is Precious Until It’s Gone. Psych Central. Retrieved on December 21, 2014, from


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