Let me say first that this is not a post about solving every problem you …

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Handling Yourself in Difficult School Situations

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  1. Very good advice. Have done this but the situation continues. Why do schools cover up the teachers that bully students? Isn’t it in their best interesting and the child’s to address these issues? Just recently our child was in the midst of his peers when the teacher’s own child said to our child that their parent hates them and talks about them all the time. Another teacher (Who doesn’t have our child in their class.)stopped our child in the hallway on their way to lunch and told them, “I looked over your grades. When you were in 6th grade you were a wonderful student what happened to you?” Our child suffers with ADHD and our child’s grades are A, B, D, and one F. Our child failed Science but passed their SOL?…Come to find out during Civics that the same IEP teacher in this class was in Science and she falls asleep in class and doesn’t assist our child. Just recently we came to find out the Civics teacher is bullying our child during class. The Aid fell asleep and was snoring so several students started to laugh and the teacher singles out our child. “What are you laughing at —?” Our child said, “MS. —- is snoring.” The teacher walks over to Ms.— and says, “Are you ok MS. —-.?” The issues are not getting addressed and the school is cover ing up for their teachers. We are very frustrated and we feel our child has lost a whole year of learning. ADHD children already have problems retaining what they have learned because of they have ADD. Their ar other things the teacher has said to our child.

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