I was reminded today of teen drinking. In my community, an annual banquet is being held this week to support a local foundation. This foundation …

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Teens and Binge Drinking – Is It Something In Your Genes?

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  1. My dad had this gene out of 4 brother who did also only one sought his way out. Now I have it and don’t want to pass it on what do I do

  2. both my parents,my brother and myself struggled with drink in one form or the other. my dad and brother (binge drinking), while my mum was drinking small amounts throughout the day from breakfast to bedtime (never drunk)As a teen I too struggled with drink, despite having grown up seeing the impact and swearing i would never go down that road. I used to drink, as it helped me to overcome the feeling of being different and not fitting in, something i could never understand or explain. it also helped to combated my shyness, low confidence and low self-esteem. I was what i call a combined drinker. a cross of my dad and my mum. I believe that it may be part genetic and part environmental. i’ve been more or less t-total since i became a parent.my youngest son was diagnosed ADHD at age 10 and when I started looking into the condition, all over sudden things made so much sense. i finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, which lead to finally realising who i am. so many years wasted feeling guilty for being different, feeling inadequate and a failure, because life was often chaotic due to forgetting things, being unorganised and unable to achieve goals or staying in a job for longer than 1-2 years, because of getting bored. I was blamed for my youngest son’s problems, because people couldn’t see the impairment. I too was finally diagnosed with ADHD in my 40’s, which helped me understand who I was as a person.having looked into the research done, i now understand why i was the way i was, it is helping me to cope and understand why i was more likely to turn to things like cigarettes,drink and ended up on the path i took.i also now know that it would be so easy to turn to drink and this in itself is helping me to use different strategies to deal with the obstacles i face.

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