It’s so hard to encompass such a difficult story in one blog post. Murder-suicide. Young boys. Very troubled father. Missing mother. Dramatic and frightening death. …

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The Powell Family – So Much Heartbreak, So Many Questions

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  1. Hi, Erika

    This sounds a dreadful story. Unfortunately, I am in the UK & haven’t seen any coverage. Would you be good enough to send me a link to the story please?

    All the best,

    Paul Whitehead

  2. I read this story online and saw the Youtubes about it. I know he was going to be evaluated soon before all the last 3 deaths occurred, and it ticks me off that it takes the social service system so long to get people like that in for evaluations. I know this firsthand because I am living with a man that used to kill people for a living in Texas on the boarder patrol (and he said the government there sanctions it). The first thing I did (as a Psych major) was to get him diagnosed and on medicine. He was an angry, depressed person when we met 10 months ago and now he is like a new person, goes to church, smiles, laughs, and enjoys life. He has deep regrets and nightmares about the people that perished at his own hands, but to do what he did, he was a different person, of a different mindset…one who saw mexicans as “chattel” or objects or even animals.
    I have tried to often probe into his mindset back then too, and his issues of wanting to kill have stemmed from his own torture and abuse. I’m guessing Josh’s family life might not have been ideal either maybe?

  3. Paul in the UK

    You might have heard of an equally tragic story that happened to “baby P” in your country. He was tortured for the first years of his life till he finally had his back broken and died. He slipped through your public aid system like many others there and here.

    We really need something more to be done to clamp down on these brutalizers!

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